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Reading Update
My Summer of Wes by Missy Welsh. ebook. Really sweet story about figuring out what you want, coming out, first love, and dealing with bullies. (Although I don’t like this cover at all…)
Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 1) by Charlie Cochrane. ebook. Very good historical m/m mystery/romance set at a small Cambridge college in the early 20th century. The newest English fellow at the college starts to get under the skin of a repressed mathematics fellow… and then they find themselves working together to help the police try to figure out who is murdering students.
Lessons in Desire (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 2) by Charlie Cochrane. ebook. Very good historical m/m mystery/romance in which Jonty drags Orlando off to Jersey for the first holiday Orlando’s ever taken.
Lessons in Discovery (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 3) by Charlie Cochrane. ebook. Very good historical m/m romance/mystery – influenza and amnesia and a centuries-old murder, oh my!
The Back Passage (Mitch Mitchell Mysteries, Book 1) by James Lear. Delightfully raunchy m/m mystery in the best 1920s English country house style. Protagonist Edward “Mitch” Mitchell manages to be endearing as he attempts to solve the mystery… when he’s not distracted by sex.
Hot in Here (Time To Do, Book 2) by Kim Dare. free ebook short. Steamy short m/m interlude that takes place as Brennan and Rigby move into a flat together after graduating from university.
A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe. ebook. Very good kinky paranormal m/m romance about a werewolf and a shifter who become involved with each other in a very complicated fashion, even though their people are mortal enemies. Some pacing issues in the first half of the story prevented me from rating this higher.
Dead Men Don’t Wash by Ally Blue. free ebook short. Completely insane (and fun!) short paranormal m/m romance about an octopus shifter and his soap thief lover.
Oscar’s Soul by Missy Welsh. free ebook short. Wickedly funny free short paranormal m/m romance about the devil collecting a soul and realizing he’s fallen in love.
Dinner and a Movie by Alex Marcus-Jacobs. free ebook short. Sweet short m/m romance about a straight guy who’s more than little surprised that the blind date his coworker set him up on is with a guy.
The Queen of Wands by Jenna Jones. ebook short. Good short May-December m/m romance about a guy who’s spent the last 15+ years working as the behind-the-scenes problem fixer for his vast family, atoning for a night he can’t quite remember – the night his best friend drowned. The ending felt a bit too quick and tidy for me.
Whatever It Costs (Whatever You Want, Book 2) by Taylor Lochland. ebook short. Ok short holiday m/m romance about a guy who loses his job, which makes it seem impossible that he’ll be able to afford to take his boyfriend to Ireland for Christmas so his boyfriend can see his grandfather before he dies.
Keeping Secrets by L.D. Madison. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about an injured police officer who won’t take off his shirt and reveal his dark secret.
A Fated Love by Diana DeRicci. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about a guy whose vintage car is damaged in a hit-and-run. Fortunately, an attractive stranger was able to snap a few pictures of the accident… I think I would’ve liked this one a bit better if it hadn’t been for all the unclear pronoun references and ongoing editing/writing oddities.
Raising Seth (First Time, Book 1) by Eden Cole. ebook short. So-so short m/m romance about a straight guy whose foster sister dumps her 18-year old ex-stepson on him for a month…
Lemon Kisses: A Yaoi Anthology edited by Augusta Li; A. Steele, Eon de Beaumont, Imari Jade, & B.J. Franklin. ebook collection. So-so collection of yaoi-inspired short stories.

“Oooooooh, shiny!” -Mayhem

33 thoughts on “Linkity means that I can happily overindulge in exclamation points!!”

  1. I read The Summer Of Wes a few weeks ago and thought it to be an enjoyable read too. A bit predictable but I liked the two main protags 😉

    Now what really caught my attention was the link to knitting a flying pig 😀 As a newbie knitter I just had to find out how I could make my own flying pig, my world isn’t right anymore without one…
    A recent post from Leontine..Review- A M-M YA has wow-ed me again! Andrew Ashling – A Dish Served ColdMy Profile

  2. I have to admit I was a little nervous when I heard about the Borders bankruptcy even though I know full well that bankruptcy does not mean a business is going out of business. I buy most of my print and ebook titles from there (hello gift cards), so I was a little concerned!

    Thanks for the cake shout out. I will probably try an updated version this weekend.
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..oh wollmeiseMy Profile

  3. That drinking map was interesting. Those lushes in Europe. 🙂

    If sleep helps you get smarter and learn things, my daughter should be freaking brilliant by now.

    Loved the flying pig and O.M.G., I am so making heart shaped boiled eggs. Coolest thing ever.

    Bacon toothpaste, just no. Yay for long pants. 🙂

    You were very British in your reading this week with Charlie Cochrane and James Lear. 🙂 I did enjoy them. Haven’t read some of the others but I’ll have to pick up some of the freebies. 🙂
    A recent post from Tam..10 points of Friday randomocityMy Profile

  4. I always need to ensure I have a spare couple of hours before clicking your damn linkity! And yes, cookie-stuffed cookies for dinner!

  5. I have to say I love the linkity 🙂 There’s always great stuff to be found there.
    This time the headphone cozies made my day. The foamy stuff on mine disintegrated recently so I’ll be making a pair.
    And a Time To Do short story. Didn’t even know about that one. Loved the original story, so I’ll be sure to read this.

  6. Raising Seth has the guy from my She’s Got Balls cover.

    By the way, my cat totally chases the pointer on my computer screen. LOL. I’m surprised there are cats that don’t.

  7. What’s wrong with explanation points!!!!!! I Like them!!!!! I use them entirely too much!!!!! But I don’t care!!!! I’m very excieable.!!!! Especially about that gian knit squid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean who wouldn’t like that!!!!!!!!
    A recent post from Rebekah..No WorriesMy Profile

  8. Thanks for another great linkity Friday! Lots of cool stuff today. My favorite was the leg shaving chart. LOL…

    The only one of these I’ve read was The Back Passage which I loved. I’ve got a few others on my TBR. Thanks for the mention.

    Happy Friday!!
    A recent post from Lily..Whats new this weekMy Profile

  9. A Fisher Price iPhone case??? Really? I’m waiting for the day when some parent pulls that out to answer a phone.

    And the penis reduction pills post totally made me LOL. Damn, that was a good laugh.
    A recent post from Ava March..Release Date NewsMy Profile

  10. Lots of great linkity today!

    Thanks for the knitted hearts link – I have several knitted hearts patterns in my queue – now I should knit some! And that heart-shaped hardboiled egg — you could use a knitting needle instead of a chopstick.

    I get migraines from red wine, so until I can be sure which ones are using the new magic yeast, I’m sticking to white.

    And finally – the cover on that first book is just creepy!
    A recent post from janna..RipleyMy Profile

  11. I’m so sad about Borders. I thought it was a nice chain of bookstores – we only had a few here in the UK but they were so nice to visit and had a great load of American craft magazines which would have been quite inaccessible normally (yes, I know you can get them online but it is nice to look inside :))

    I love the kitties expression with the big ball of yarn! I had to laugh at the heart-shaped boiled egg!! And I’m looking forward to making some cookies in cookies to surprise people.

    May is so cute!!!!
    A recent post from mrspao..Gratuitous Saturday KittenMy Profile

  12. I don’t care if the snacking ants do taste like bacon, I’ll pass.

    I love that first Valentine’s comic!

    The flowchart for shaving legs looks a lot like my thought process. 🙂

    Katie doesn’t chase the mouse cursor but she used to bat at the TV when she was younger.
    A recent post from Sydney..And then it was springMy Profile

  13. Are you on a historical fest at the moment – I have so many of them, but they are mood read for me so I may get to them at some point…

    I really love the cover on “The Back Passage”

    Gone to ccheck out some of those contest….


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