In which we welcome a new red mouse to our household

Friday I got a fabulous package from the wonderfully generous ElizaGrrl. She made the lovely black kitty bag below and included a bar of dark and delicious chocolate for me. Plus she knit a red mouse for Chaos and stuffed it full of very high-quality catnip from Wild Oats.

“What have we here?”
“This is very interesting. Very interesting indeed.”
*sniff sniff sniff*
“Oh baby baby baby oh.”

I think he likes it… What do you think?!

Thank you so much, Eliza!

(Why, yes, I did trim his claws after seeing these pictures…)

50 thoughts on “In which we welcome a new red mouse to our household”

  1. Chaos is so ~involved~ with your knitting. My cat is a sloth. But maybe that because I’m always telling him to stop looking at my yarn….get your own! Lol…poor kitty.
    Yeah….those are some serious claws! ouch!

  2. Oooooh, I love the bag. 🙂

    I’ve told you that I had a cat, Misery, who looked very much like Chaos, right? One night he got into a very large bag of catnip and rolled around in a mixture of the catnip and his own drool for *hours*, his eyes as wide as saucers. I have fabulous pictures of him all stoned on the floor….

  3. Goodies for you and for Chaos too ;o) He sure does look like he is enjoying it!

    The bag is awesome – and that little black kitty card is cute too! ElizaGrrl was very nice!

  4. What did I tell you?? Now he’s never gonna get control of his drug problem if he stats gettng deliveries!! He’s so buzzed he’s bunny kicking. 🙂

  5. Does Chaos rip open the mouse to get at the catnip? We had a Maine Coon cat when I was growing up, and when given a toy with catnip inside, he’d rip it apart to get the “stuff”.

  6. That bag is adorable.

    Now try taking the red mouse away from Chaos. I know, he’ll tell you he can give it up any time, but I’m concerned. Look at those eyes.

    It’s Reefer Madness all over again.

  7. So cute! And Chaos is so photogenic! I’m inspired to knit Simon and Harley some mice. Anyone know a good (preferably free) pattern? The little mouse ears intimidate me…..

  8. chaos is well loved by many. the last pic is the best, with the crazed look in his eyes and his claws all bared and ready to disembowel the new red mousey.

  9. That is awesome. Our cats only get that excited over old toys. When I bring something new, they regard it with disdain and sometimes suspicion. Maybe the key is the knitting.

  10. What a fabulous bag!! And I have to say, Chaos looks waaay too happy there with his new toy. 😉 I really love the lining fabric in that bag- what a wonderful gift! Take care, Chris! 🙂

  11. The last pic is priceless…

    You aren’t supposed to *trim* them!!! You are supposed to paint them silver, or sparkly, or BLOOD RED (that last bit was from The Cat, she came right over and tapped on the keyboard, very insistant she was… though she *might* have actually been trying to hint me towards the kitchen. Nah, I’m sure it was concern for Chaos that caused it)

  12. Holy claws, Batman! Reminds me of someone else who needs a feline pedicure. Never a good time…

    LOVE that bag. I believe it was a post on all your bags that was one of the first I read (wow, awkward sentence structure…). I am a bag addict as well. In fact, I think I’m feeling little pangs of withdrawal as I type…oh no…NO!

  13. And how does Chaos deal with the feline pedicure? My girls have to be very sleepy/zonked out to tolerate the nipping at the toenails.


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