Ebook Giveaway: Treacherous Sun by Jade Archer [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Jade Archer for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m scifi romance, Treacherous Sun (Nu Hayven, Book 1), for a lucky commenter to win! Treacherous Sun will be released on March 21 by Total-E-Bound.

Mykel hates Lusaffar. Lusaffar hates Mykel. Which is as it should be. The way it’s always been between Aenjels and Deamonds. So why can’t they keep their hands off one another?

When Orison’s sun mysteriously began to decay, the Intergalactic Council built a habitat ark to rescue the survivors. But it came at a price. Now Aenjels and Deamonds not only have to learn to live together aboard The Nu Hayven, they have to form the first Intergalactic Emergency Response and Peacekeeping Force. The only trouble is the two species have been at each other’s throats for centuries!

Mykel leads what’s left of the Aenjel population. He’s homesick and heartbroken. He’s also going to kick some serious Deamond hindquarters if they threaten his people! Unfortunately, the biggest threat to Mykel’s sanity is the Deamond’s gorgeous leader, Lusaffar!

Lusaffar has his own personal issues with Aenjels, but he’s not above relieving a little tension with their leader, Mykel. If only the great pretentious pigeon wasn’t burrowing under his skin and stirring up all sorts of disturbing things…like feelings!

But even if these two stubborn males can overcome their prejudices, can the two most unlikely lovers in the universe survive a murderous saboteur in their midst?


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About Jade

Jade was born in 2010 after a prolonged pregnancy and labour of over thirty-four years!

Yes, she is a pseudonym. A work of my fevered imagination, which never seems to grow tired of inventing new characters. And this one’s a whopper. One that seems to have taken over my life to the point I’m no longer sure where she ends and I begin! Still, it seems to be working for us.

I’ve decided she’s about twenty-four. Enjoys long walks in the country, because she doesn’t have five kids and a husband to care for. Eats as much chocolate as she wants, because she never has to worry about putting on weight (must be all those long walks!). And can often be found planning her next whirlwind world tour or endlessly typing away (without any interruptions) on another hot and steamy erotic romance. It might be space pirates; it might be shifters or a lonely vampire with a thing for the girl next door, one thing’s for sure, she loves variety and can’t wait to meet the next characters destined to fall in love.

You can visit Jade at her website.

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“Are you sure this is how tiaras are usually worn, Mom? I have my doubts…” -Mayhem

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  1. Ohh Romeo ehem Lusaffar…may I pleaseeeee get a chance of reading your love story with Juliet ehem Mykel coz I am really broke – thanks to Read Ebook Week

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    Now I’m gonna be very careful to get this right (cause I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself make the same typo): Please, count me in.

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  5. I’m entering the contest.

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  7. How those poor kitties haven’t got revenge on you in your sleep yet, I don’t know!
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  8. Interesting story. Hope to have a peek on the first before deciding on the second. Thank You.

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