Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 42nd (YFIGTFLTG)

Congrats to Jane, who won Not Anymore by Em Woods! Not Anymore will be released by Total-E-Bound today.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll meet Your Face Is Going To Freeze Like That Guy (YFIGTFLTG).

Because he had a

, YFIGTFLTG left his

, where he’d been

, and

, while trying to avoid his ex-

, who was after

. Whew!

The end. For now. Because I’m sure I’ll hear about all sorts of other covers featuring YFIGTFLTG, now that I’ve done this post. 🙂

Many thanks to Mary Calmes, who found some of these covers!

“Naughty boys, I stick my tongue out at all of you!” -Mayhem

37 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 42nd (YFIGTFLTG)”

  1. I love it when cats forget to pull their tongues back in.

    Umm, am I the only one who finds the boob positioning on Big Top girl weird? One way up and one way down? No wonder the poor dear is frowning.
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  2. I didn’t think it looked like a boob job as much as it looked like they tried to photoshop two differently sized melons to match her skin tone. They don’t actually look like they are connected to the rest of her!

  3. On behalf of YFIGTFLTG and myself and all the other I Ching forhead people of the world, I say “We are not monsters. We are human beings”.

    From the eyebrows down dude is on his own, cuz’ the rest of his face makes as much sense as Oft-Mentioned Oversized Lop-Sided Photoshopped Melon Boob Job Girl (O-MOL-SPMBJG)’ chest. I’m stumped, which is not to say Gone Stumping.

  4. I find myself staring with a kind of fascinated horror at O-MOL-SPMBJG’s left shirt strap. It’s kinda disturbing the way it falls into the horizontal cleavage of her (sagging? It doesn’t really appear to be sagging so much as simply *lower* – LOTS lower) left boob. Cleavage should not be horizontal. Also, it really looks like both those boobs are about ready to roll off her flat chest.

    As for YFIGTFLTG, I thought he was kinda hot on the first couple of covers. Then I just wanted to tell him to get that damn smirk off his face. I think May’s response is perfectly appropriate! ;p

  5. I’m so clueless, I never notice these guys until you point them out!

    He reminds me a bit of a basset hound. I think it must be the forehead wrinkles.

  6. This week I have read five of the eight you featured – so no adding to the list this week…

    I am sure May is plotting some evil deed whenever the tongue comes out like that…

    Go May…


  7. I wonder Big Top’s boobs have anything to do with this news story I just made up:

    Manufacturer Admits “Some Implants Filled With Viagra”

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