Ebook Giveaway: Handcuffs and Headlocks by Kim Dare [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Kim Dare for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming kinky m/m romance, Handcuffs and Headlocks (Rawlings Men, Book 3), for a lucky commenter to win! Handcuffs and Headlocks will be released on September 29 by Resplendence Publishing.

Undercover police officer Ed Rawlings isn’t just good at his job – he’s bloody fantastic at it. But there is such a thing as being too good at playing pretend. When reality refuses to come back, even when he’s off duty, something has to change for the hyperactive submissive. Could a no nonsense master be exactly who he needs to help him make those changes?

Derby FitzGerald doesn’t do pretend. Losing track of reality when you’re teaching martial arts would be bound to get very painful, very quickly. But maybe there’s such a thing as taking life too seriously too. Could a confused cop be precisely the right person to remind him of that?

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About Kim

Kim Dare is a twenty-seven year old full-time writer from Wales (UK). First published in December 2008, Kim has since released over thirty BDSM erotic romances.

While the stories range over male/male, male/female and all kinds of menage relationships and have included vampires, time travellers, shape-shifters and fairytale re-tellings, they all have three things in common – kink, love and a happy ending.

You can visit Kim at her website and her blog.

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