A picture is worth…

After yesterday’s babble-on, I thought I would take a few pictures of what I’m working on these days. As usual, when Chaos is involved, things didn’t go quite as planned. Please forgive the blurriness of some of the pictures – things were happening pretty quickly!
The sweater that I’m knitting for a friend’s baby. It’s the basic pullover (one-year size) from Top Down for Toddlers, knitted out of tan and royal blue Cotton Fleece. I’m a big fan of no-sew knitting.

“Cool, a sweater on the table!”

“Where did the sweater go?!”

“There it is…”

“And now it’s mine.”

3 thoughts on “A picture is worth…”

  1. Mine mostly leave my knitting alone now, although I did come home last night and find one of them snuggled up on the couch with one of my balls of yarn…..

    Does Chaos ever do that thing where one of the cats will sniff at the television screen when its just been turned off and freak out when the static electricity tugs slightly at their whiskers? Very cute.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t trust this cat with anything knitting related except a book or magazine! All needles and yarn are zipped up or in a tub or in a closet (and all closets have to be bungeed shut to keep him out).

    That does sound really cute with the whiskers and static electricity! I have never noticed that – but I don’t watch much TV, and the only way he could reach the TV is if he was sitting on top of it (which is highly discouraged). I have found an occasional pawprint in the middle of the screen, which suggests some very acrobatic activity occurs while I’m not at home. 🙂

  3. Aren’t cats great. I have to block my stuff out of their reach for fear of my projects turning orange. Cute sweater! I hear ya on the no-sew knitting, it is so much faster and when you’re done, you’re done:)

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