Sorry, no room in the portable kitty caves today. Move along.

Congrats to Lily, who won the copy of Mobry’s Dick by K.Z. Snow, which is being released today from Loose Id. (Congrats, K.Z.!)

  • It’s been ages since I did a random update on my life and stray thoughts.
  • When last we spoke, I was worried whether the new refrigerator would arrive before the old refrigerator died.
  • It did!
  • The new refrigerator was delivered on April 29 by two guys who were unnaturally cheerful about carrying refrigerators up and down three flights of stairs at 7:30 am.
  • The new refrigerator is more spacious despite being smaller (I know!) and is quieter.
  • The kitties remain deeply suspicious of it.
  • On Saturday, I finally wandered over to the hardware store and picked up a patch for the screen.
  • I’m sure the kitties are sad about that.
  • Yes, her birthday was two months ago.
  • Give me a break – it’s nearly 80F, so she’s not going to be wearing wool socks for months!
  • Sheesh.
  • I’m trying to figure out what the three sickly trees in front of our building are.
  • I know that they are not ashes, elms, oaks, maples, boxelders, lindens, any sort of evergreen, sycamores, gingkos, hophornbeams, cottonwoods, or aspens.
  • You’d think I’d get a bit further than that with a forestry degree, wouldn’t you?
  • Quit laughing, Mel. (We have the same undergraduate degree.)
  • Hmm. Apparently I’ll be leaving both cat carriers portable kitty caves out for a while. I hate to discourage this sort of behavior:

*….zzzzzz….* -Mayhem

*….zzzzzz….* -Chaos

44 thoughts on “Sorry, no room in the portable kitty caves today. Move along.”

  1. I’m impressed you knit anything for a gift….especially socks. She’ll love them in September so you’ve plenty of time. The kitties look so content. Don’t spoil their dreams of catching bats.
    .-= margene´s last blog ..Garden 101 =-.

  2. Look at those two lugs! Heh, I should be so lucky. Maybe make it less comfy for them…

    My guys are enthralled by a box, and my old backpack right now…despite the blankets, pillows and kitty beds.
    .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..WIPs Gone Wild! =-.

  3. The kitties are so cute in their little ca-v/g-es!

    I have 2 screens to patch, too, and I may even try re-screening one of them entirely. Always good to learn new skills!
    .-= Jodi´s last blog ..friday potpourri =-.

  4. It’s just a “tree” Chris. Let it go. LOL

    New fridges are amazing. Mine is kind of noisy but so HUGE I don’t care. Sigh. I’m getting old when a new fridge gives me that warm tingly feeling inside.
    .-= Tam´s last blog ..Monday Update =-.

  5. Awwww…. Mel’s portable kitty cave is open and under the couch (at all times), but I’ve yet to see him enter voluntarily.

    You have a forestry degree? Neat. Any chance you have pictures of these mystery trees?
    .-= naomi´s last blog ..eye candy friday =-.

  6. I need a new fridge because the old one is small, but I don’t have room for a new, larger fridge so I thought ‘what’s the point? I’ll make do with my old fridge’. Now I think I may need to pop along to Comet and look at fridges to see if a new fridge, the same external size as the old one, will give me more space on the inside. Hmmmmm…
    .-= Jenre´s last blog ..Review: Clean Slate by Aleksandr Voinov & Barbara Sheridan =-.

  7. Thanks, Chris and KZ!!!!

    It is amazing how the newer models have so much more room despite their size. Looks like May and Chaos have really come to enjoy their kitty caves. So cute! 🙂

    Forestry? Really? Pretty neat!
    .-= Lily´s last blog ..Teaser Tuesdays… Finding Zach =-.

  8. So glad your new fridge is awesome – that’s funny the kittehs don’t like it. Don’t feel bad about your sister’s sock – my mom is cross-stitching a mat with my daughter’s newborn footprints on it – the daughter that just turned 9, that is! It’s the thought that counts!

    I love the kitty caves – you do realize that the moment you actually WANT them to get in they won’t want anything to do with them, right?

  9. cute kitty caves – (and me thinks that for the next trip to the vet, the babies will be easier to snare).
    You sure are being rather handy these days!repaired screen, new frig.. and there wasn’t even any duct tape involved!

  10. New fridges are wonderful. I wish our new fridge could fit in the kitchen, but alas, it must live in the mud room. (We still have an old and tiny fridge in the kitchen, of course.)
    .-= Cheryl S.´s last blog ..Castle Watching =-.

  11. Did I know you were a Forestry Major? The Kiddo is debating his concentration between Forestry and Science. He’s having a hard time making up his mind.

  12. Kitty caves are effective!! That’s not photo-shopped is it?

    Also, have never heard of spacially unfolding refrigerators but go you! It doesn’t surprise me that you’re the one to uncover the secret.

  13. I’m going to ask the same question as Guinifer – did I know you had a forestry degree? I’m thinking I did, but as soon as I read that line I started thinking about the book Prodigal Summer, and now I can’t figure out if I’m confusing you with the book or the book with you.

    (Don’t mind me. I spent the entire morning in the dentist’s chair. I think my brain got drilled out of my head while I was there.)

  14. Are you sure they’re actually trees? That could explain all the problems. Maybe they’re just sticks! OMG How much $$ do you think they spent on sickly sticks!?!?

  15. Your fridge saga reminds me that I still need to remove the door to our fridge and re-install it on the other side. I greatly dislike that it bangs all the way open to the stove.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..for the birds =-.

  16. Post pictures of the trees, and send the Interwebs in search of the answer for you… 😉

    And I love the portable kitteh caves. Might have to get one for Suzy…
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Mid-May Goalpost =-.

  17. Glad they like their “dens”, I think you should keep them available full time.

    Now, about this pathetic lack of dendro memory. It’s not like you moved to some other place like FL or AZ where everything is so DIFFERENT, and it’s not like you aren’t observant (witness this stock photography obsession)… I guess leaves and bark is not as, well, interesting, as bare chested men.

    Tree of Heaven? Bradford pears? Post a pic, but one with diagnostic features, you know, branch placement, leaves, bark…

    And Mel? Forestry? Really? Didn’t get past that conifers and ginkgos are gymnos?

    OK, sorry for rattling on… love you both!
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..sea colors sweater done! =-.

  18. it’s funny how much the kitties seem to like the carriers as long as they aren’t being carried, in the car… or generally used for what they are meant to be. Glad the new fridge came.
    .-= ikisti´s last blog ..Digging up the yard =-.

  19. I love your suspicious kitties – looks a lot like what goes on in my house! Enjoy that new frig!

  20. I have this image in my head of Chaos and Mayhem sitting just out of range of the fridge and plotting against it.

    Looooooove the portable kitty cave picture. That’s a whole lot of adorableness in an itty bitty space. 🙂

  21. I would never have guessed a forestry degree. However, if you contact the city arborist, they will tell you. At least they will in St. Paul. Then they add that they know you illegally planted flowering crabs on the boulevard. However, the cultivar was an excellent choice.

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