Chaos re-butts… :)

Congrats to Tracey D, who won the ebook copy of Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane! And thanks again to Amy for donating the book. 🙂


  • Both Renee and Lea are giving away copies of Carolyn Jewel’s new historical romance, Indiscreet. Renee’s contest closes at midnight PST, February 5, and  Lea’s contest closes early morning, February 6.

Book & Reading News & Views

  • I’m a big fan of the journals that Oberon Designs makes, but I only recently realized that they make gorgeous ebook reader covers. They’re specifically sized for Kindles, Sonys, and the Nook. I’ve sent them an email to see which cover they think might work for my Hanlin V3/Astak EZReader…


  • Is lack of computer access keeping you off your exercise equipment? Check out the DIY PVC laptop stand.

Things That Amused Me


Reading Update
Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane. ebook. The only reason I didn’t spend half of this m/m romance sobbing my eyes out is because I took frequent breaks when I started to get wound up. 🙂 Parts of it were gut-wrenching. And parts weren’t. As a whole, this was a powerful, excellent read that I highly recommend.
Quinn’s Hart by Cassandra Gold. ebook. Why, yes, this is the ebook I just won at Jessewave’s. 🙂 This was a really nicely done m/m romance about two wildly dissimilar guys who get to know each other on a singles’ trip to Disney World.
Why, Why, Zed? by Leigh Ellwood. ebook short. Ok, having never flown into Toronto, I totally didn’t get the pun of this title until I read the quote from Neal Pert at the beginning. (Toronto’s airport being YYZ.) This was a so-so m/m romance, although I will confess that the ending surprised the heck out of me.
Footprints and Just Like in the Movies by Clare London. ebook shorts. For some reason, these short m/m romances (the first about two guys who are part of a counter-terrorism team and the second about two hostage negotiators) never fully engaged me – maybe it was the somewhat reserved first person narrative?
A Stranger’s Touch by Anne Brook. ebook short. I have to confess that this m/m tale about a prostitute and a mysterious stranger who delves into his psyche mostly just confused me.
Healing Doctor Ryan by Carol Lynne. ebook. Ok m/m romance about a cancer patient who asks his doctor out after completing treatment.
Lift Me Up by Rayne Auster. ebook. Cute m/m romance about an IT geek who ends up with a broken ankle when his cute neighbor trips over him in the hallway. I got a little frustrated with the dense language now and then, mostly because my brain was in the mood for fluff. 🙂
Thaw in Winter and Darling Brat by Kate Steele. ebook and ebook short. Thaw in Winter was agood m/m romance about Mark, an architect who saves Joe’s life when he’s injured while camping. Joe and Mark are attracted to each other… but Joe can’t remember why exactly he’s wearing that mysterious wedding band on his ring finger. I liked this one a lot, until the point at which the first book stopped abruptly, leaving unresolved a plot point that had been played up quite a bit. I then discovered that there was a short second book, which resolves that plot point. Grrr. I would’ve been happier for it to all be in one book… and maybe it was at one point.
Out of My Mind by M. L. Rhodes. ebook (reread). Well-done m/m romance in which a recently divorced police officer struggles with his growing attraction to his (work) partner/best friend.
Promises by Marie Sexton. ebook. Very good m/m romance about two guys, one gay and one not, in a small Colorado town who become close friends – this was all about letting your fears constrain your life and how good it can feel when  you finally stop doing so. Recommended.
JackMagic by Jillian Snyder. ebook short. Nicely done short m/m romance about a guy who gets dragged to a sexy magic show (part of his sister’s bachelorette party) and bumps into the magician outside between acts.
Private Property by Chloe West & Audra Beagle. ebook. So-so m/m romance about an author with writer’s block who takes a hate to a guy who shows up on his doorstep, claiming the house is his. I found the three main characters annoying and wanted to slap them all. That never makes for a happy reading experience… for me, at least!

“That was really mean of Mayhem. This box doesn’t make my butt look big! This box rocks!” -Chaos

41 thoughts on “Chaos re-butts… :)”

  1. LOL Chaos – that box does ROCK!! Nice coverage….

    Chris – thank you for the mention and for all the linkage and reviews. Excellent post as always.

    Hope your day is good – it’s freaking freezing here!


  2. I love the idea of rafter bookcases! So cool.

    Oliver was standing beside me as I scrolled down this post and when I got to the book covers he said, “Look, Mummy. Chestis.” Which is his way of saying chests – he adds an ‘is’ to things to make them plural.

    Chestis. Yes, baby, look at those chestis. Mmmmm.

  3. Maybe I’ll do it this way for the books:

    * Have it, must be in a tissue mood to tackle it
    * Wanna get it now. Thanks.
    * Haven’t read it
    * Haven’t read them
    * Haven’t read it
    * I tend to steer clear of Carol Lynn because it usually involves insta-love.
    * I seem to have liked this more than most people
    * Agree
    * I wanted to kick his ass more often than not, I think there’s a sequel coming
    * Have it waiting
    * Agree
    * I’ll pass thanks.

    Loved those bookshelves but kind of a PITA to get to your books.

  4. Chris- I loved Spirograph, but always got annoyed when you were really into a multicolor thing, and the pen slipped, or your ink ran out.

    The dreaded Snuggie- Laura has one.
    .-= Lorraine´s last blog ..Food Facts =-.

  5. OH wow… thanks for the heads up on everything! And the links to the baby kitties is to cute. Thanks for sharing!
    And Chaos, think outside the box!!! LMBO! I had to ~ Basement Kittie told me to say that.. or was it Ceiling Kittie!
    I don’t remember which, I am so addicted to LOLcats…

  6. Thanks for the mention, Chris!

    I keep meaning to hunt down a Spirograph for my son. I loved mine so much, and it seems like it’s something he’d really enjoy!

    So glad you enjoyed Amy Lane’s book so much. I really liked her paranormal, Vulnerable, and have been meaning to get to If I Must on my tbr. Keeping Promise Rock sounds like one to add to my tbb list!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..A chat about Indiscreet, plus a Giveaway =-.

  7. I don’t particularly want my classics mashed with werewolves, zombies, sea monsters, or anything else, thanks. To me these books all seem rather like fanfic…

    And I bought “Silent Night” by Kim Dare last night and finished it before bed. (Who am I kidding? I finished it *in* bed when I was supposed to be sleeping…) Very enjoyable, thanks for the author rec!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..February Goals =-.

  8. I definitely have more loyalty to authors (and cover artists) than the publishers, but most of the time any changes between the author and the publisher go right over my head. It’s only when I get the book home and prop it on the shelf next to the other ones that I realize that they weren’t done by the same publisher.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..some mornings =-.

  9. Totally agree with Liza Daly’s 7 deadly sins of ebooks.
    Those bookshelves are a good space saving idea.
    I really liked the Reader covers but they’re a bit pricey. Think I’ll keep my current cover and use that money for more ebooks. 🙂
    Super cute kitties!
    Since I didn’t win Keeping Promise Rock will have to go buy it soon.
    Quinn’s Hart sounds good, already on TBB.
    I liked YYZ and thought the ending was great.
    Haven’t read the next 5, did read Thaw but not the sequel yet.
    Haven’t read the last 4.
    Wow, you managed a lot of reading this week.
    Have a great day!
    .-= Lily´s last blog ..Finding love… by a lake or in a bar =-.

  10. I have to tell that I really wish there was more information in your posts. Your lack of choices is astonishing. Seriously – did it take you like a week to write this? lol

    Entered two contests *grumble* and now want to add several books to my tbb list. Dammit. Also – Private Property? I think I’ll put off reading that one after seeing your thoughts.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..Review: Surrender of a Siren by Tessa Dare =-.

  11. Are these Thurday post getting longer and longer…

    By the time I get through the links – I am done…

    As for the books… I have to go buy that Amy Lane book…
    I have heard only good things about it….

    I have read Rhodes, Steele, Lynne and London.

    One thing I must say though – these covers are becoming so overused… That Brookes cover – so used…

    Good week …

    .-= Erotic Horizon´s last blog ..Discussion Point – Comments – You do Know That It’s a Two Way Street? =-.

  12. There was a spirograph at my grandma’s house – the cousins all fought to play with it! And that camping book – that’s way nicer than the camping my family did in 1971! Where are the sleeping bags on the leaky tent floor????
    .-= janna´s last blog ..Knitting =-.

  13. I love the 10 lies of a romance blogger. I LMAO when I read it. Still laughing!

    Thanks for the mention! But I don’t know about any book budget. At least not for me, I always end up blowing it. 😉

  14. yes, Chaos, dear one, the box rocks.

    and you, dear Chris, have now become officially the queen of electronic networking.. I have never ever seen so many links..
    (head spinning, must walk away from computer screen now)
    .-= Teyani´s last blog ..thoughts. 1 =-.

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