Ebook Giveaway: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to author (and knitter) Amy Lane, who’s offering up an ebook copy of her new m/m romance release, Keeping Promise Rock, for one lucky commenter! Plus additional thanks to Amy, because I won a copy of the ebook in a contest on her blog, Yarning to Write. 🙂

A bit about the book:

Carrick Francis has spent most of his life jumping into trouble with both feet. The only thing saving him from prison or worse is his absolute devotion to Deacon Winters. Deacon was Crick’s sanity and salvation during a miserable, abusive childhood, and Crick would do anything to stay with him forever. So when Deacon’s father dies, Crick puts his college plans on hold to help Deacon as Deacon has helped him.

Deacon’s greatest wish is to see Crick escape his memories and the town they grew up in so Crick can enjoy a shining future. But after two years of growing feelings and temptation, the painfully shy Deacon finally succumbs to Crick’s determined advances and admits he sees himself as part of Crick’s life.

It nearly destroys Deacon when he discovers Crick has been waiting to be pushed away, which is what Crick’s family did in the past. When Crick’s knack for volatile decisions lands him far away from home, Deacon is left, shell-shocked and alone, struggling to reforge his heart in a world where love with Crick is a promise, but by no means a certainty.

And a bit about Amy:

Amy Lane mothers four children, teaches high school part time, and when the dragon roars in her blood, she writes. Her house is a demolition zone, her car is an accident waiting to happen, but her children love movies, science fiction, and prefer plastic swords to any other toy so she figures she’s done her job well. She spent five years as an independent writer and although she loves m/m and will continue to write it, she still has stories to tell from her Little Goddess series and isn’t going to give up being an indie any time soon. She is currently working on the sequel to Keeping Promise Rock, which is titled Making Promises, and then she’ll move on to the final installment of her novella series, Jack and Teague (and Katy): A Story of Green’s Hill. (The first five installments of this last one are available on her website for absolutely free!)

Contest Rules

  • To enter, leave a comment below stating that you are entering the contest. Leave your comments by 7 pm CST, Wednesday, February 3.
  • If you haven’t commented before, your comment will not be visible until after I moderate it. Please do not leave a second comment because your first doesn’t show up! The blog gnomes will decide your comments are spam and then only luck and adopting ten shelter kitties will salvage your entry…
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  • Winner will be selected by random number.
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  • If a winner doesn’t respond to my congratulations email within 48 hours, I will select another winner.
  • This contest is open worldwide!

“Who cares about Mom trying to regain some of her long lost knitting cred with this pathetic sock?! Check out these yummy needles!” *munch* -Mayhem

“Mayhem! No!” -me

*mope* -Mayhem

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  1. After examining ALL three pics and their URLs, I can confidently say, they were taken at the same time. Is this what you mean by “stock photo”, with the sock being in different situations 😉

  2. I am still stuck at the 811 books, lmbo!!! Yay on you winning! And thanks for the contest! When I get home, I will gladly place my kitties on my contest bar!!!
    Have a great day honey!

  3. Since I am such a bad e-reader I will not enter, giving the chance to those who love them 🙂

    Thanks Chris for that comment by the way, I am always so terrified to miss posts like that. And yes it must be my lucky week
    .-= blodeuedd´s last blog ..Library Loot =-.

  4. Well, all I can say is I’d rather have the kitty eat the knitting needles than violate the wool. I have a couple of skeins of Schaeffer hand-dyed wool that are no longer virgin, thanks to my daughter’s rather libidinous cat. (I love the sock colors btw– definitely finish that one!!!)

    Good luck to everyone who’s entering. I do hope you enjoy the book!

  5. *LOL*

    Regarding Violated Wool:

    Okay… Two a.m., Christmas Eve, I’m working on a pair of mittens for my son (I put little scales along the back and made eyes and a tongue-for dinosaur mittens–they were aDORable!) and I get up to get another soda. I hear rustling coming from the front room.

    I return, and there on the floor is my daughter’s cat. He has CHEWED A HOLE through a plastic bag containing two skeins of Shaeffer wool, in the color scheme Hermione. (The color scheme is important–trust me.) He has his paws wrapped around one skein, and he’s, well, humping Hermione. Poor Hermione. It was just so… so… primal.

    Anyway, this is not the first time he’s done this. He has, over the last three years, taken a carnal interest in other skeins of yarn–all different brands, mind you, but all at least 80% wool. This was not the first yarn-napping via a chewed through plastic bag. You know how I said that color scheme was important? Well, the only thing that the yarn had in common was the color turquoise at some point in the colorway.

    I have a friend (www.samuraiknitter.com) who did an entire series on colors and the history of colors in textile and painting–the stuff they do to process these colors is on the whole, amazing–and unique to each and every color of dye. I figure there is something in the turquoise that REALLY REALLY turns poor Gordie on. Although he’s been fixed from the beginning, I have to say that turquoise color wool turns him into quite an animal!

  6. Hey, so I’m using your list to request some books! Thanks!! (if you want the html code to make your list sortable, ask me… you need to have the jquery library loaded up though, and then it’s easy… I put sortable tables on our work website, LOVE them!)
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..sewing knitting snow and ice =-.

  7. Yeah, I definitely want in on this book! I’ve seen some really good reviews for it. So I’ll rub Mayhem’s head for luck.

  8. I’m kind of glad Katie goes after the yarn instead of the needles. Course I would feel better if she didn’t go after either.
    .-= Sydney´s last blog ..Knitting! =-.

  9. I love Amy Lane’s Vulnerable, and have her If I Must on my tbr (waiting for the Nook’s imminent arrival!) Keeping Promise Rock sounds excellent!

    OMG, the kitty wool violation is hilarious! It’s bad enough when my lab decides to “kill” one of my skeins. (Like he did to my Kauni. Talk about the urge to kill him.) At least he wasn’t making sweet love to it!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..They dared me to . . . =-.

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