Thursday bull(et)ish post

  • Eeep!
  • Eeep!
  • It explains so very, very much, doesn’t it?
  • His/their posture most especially. 🙂
  • Dear Mozilla – Iz kinda hatez Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Shiny, but oh, the memory leak…
  • In order to keep my number of computers under four, I gave the oldest laptop to my brother and SIL.
  • A lot.
  • And then rained for several days, causing numerous roof leaks.
  • And then got cold.
  • And started to snow.
  • And then got colder.
  • Which brings us back to the last time I whined about the weather!

Doctor Mayhem cares deeply about all of our problems. Can’t you tell just by looking at her?

“What?! No I don’t. I’m a cat! Your petty problems are of no interest to me.” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “Thursday bull(et)ish post”

  1. Ditto regarding the weather Chris! ack – cold walk this morning…

    “Dear Mozilla – Iz kinda hatez Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Shiny, but oh, the memory leak…” – Yikes….

    May – you do have the shiniest coat I’ve every seen. What a cutie!!

    One more day until Friday.. Thank God!!


  2. Man, I’d love a new laptop right about now. My old one is so ancient it runs on gerbils in a wheel connected by USB and is so large, I could navigate the Amazon river on it.

    I’m kinda hating my desktop comp as well.

    I WANT NEW GADGETS! [/pout]

    I love your new laptop. Verra jelus.
    .-= Sayuri´s last blog ..‘Waiting On’ Wednesday =-.

  3. Oh gosh, May looks so adorable!
    I hope your weather gets better honey!

    Eeekkkk, I use Firefox.. hummm… My memory leaks, lol! But I only have 5 windows. I could not resist!! I needed a laugh this morning.
    You fell and bought another laptop, girl you are something!
    Hope all is well your way honey!

  4. You are looking very sleek, May! I think caring about the “food lady” with the opposable thumbs would be high on your list of concerns.

    We’ve had two days with sunshine in all of January. And I don’t even know if we’ve had enough rain and snow to end CA’s drought. *sigh*
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Two WIPs: Only One Requires a Brain =-.

  5. Brrrr… baby, it’s cold outside! The new laptop looks like a great deal.

    We’re maintaining a 3-computer limit chez Caffeinated Yarn — 1 Mac, 1 Windows, and 1 Linux.
    .-= Jodi´s last blog ..RIP =-.

  6. Yea – I think there is one of those Toshiba’s floating around my house! Puck is officially daydreaming about owning an iPad here at my house.

  7. You MIGHT have tripped and fallen? You’re trying to keep your computer cache under 4? I need to come visit you! Of course – when it warms up. I’m a CA girl ya know, can’t take all that snow and cold. 🙂

  8. Nice new laptop!

    Your weather sounds like a more extreme version of our weather. It got cold, then it warmed up a lot, then it rained a lot, and now it’s getting ready to get cold with sleet and snow (maybe).

    Looks like I’m going to have to grab Red Cats (Blue Flavor).
    .-= Sydney´s last blog ..Knitting! =-.

  9. new laptops, memory leaks in Mozilla(?) and snow in Mn?? hmmm… oh, and let’s not forget the yarn-humpy cat….
    this post made me chuckle..
    thanks and have a good weekend! (sans snow we hope!)

  10. Can I say yummy on the laptop – I am such a slut over tech….

    I am very pleased we have gone definitive on slouching guys and leather jacket guy…

    I told you before – your days really make my day…

    Glad it’s in the past – too cold to repeat..

    .-= Erotic Horizon´s last blog ..Weekly Geeks – Winter Reading =-.

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