Some completely non-book links for your Friday

Thinking of buying an HDTV? Gizmodo’s decision-making flowcharts aren’t likely to help you make a decision, but they’re definitely funny. There’s also a more generic gadget buyer’s decision making flowchart.

Potential canned pumpkin shortage?! Excuse me while I rush out to hoard…

Help out your local pet shelter by donating pet food.

Gadzooks! It takes 147,456 PowerPC processors to out-think a cat brain.

Don’t feel like darning that handknit sock, or you’ve ended up with a stray mitten? You can use them to protect your sunglasses in the glovebox or drawer.

Marsha has a lot of great links to knitted toy patterns (including an adorable Linux penguin!).

Hee hee – anti-malware detection and the original Trojan Horse. Think twice before clicking the “Allow” button when your anti-virus finds a problem next time, hmm?

If you use MS Office and hate Clippy, you should be very afraid.

Not sure whether you should repair or replace your electronics? Consumer Reports put together a handy chart to help you out.

Very cool alarm clock – too bad it’s just a concept.

Ever wondered how it ended up that nearly every country has a different electrical plug?

Wouldn’t this be more useful if there was a way to secure it to the refrigerator?

This is totally old news, but it sure cements us as a flyover state, eh?

Mayhem’s head would explode if she saw this many furry mice flying through the air.

Rumor has it there’s going to be a completed knitting project posted next week. Posted here. On this blog. Can you believe it?

“I’ve got you, sparkly white feathery angely toy!! What do you mean, you’ll tell Ceiling Cat on me?! That’s no fair!” -Mayhem

(There’ll be more detail on that card behind May’s ear at some point…)