In which I report on several more days of vacation

After a promising start to taking a lot of vacation pictures, my picture taking became quite a bit more erratic. I’ll muddle along as best I can. After all, if you were desperately into cohesive narrative, you probably wouldn’t be here in the first place, right? 😉

Some views from Michaele’s place – see the really large REI in the second picture? I got a pair of Keens there…



The day after the party (Wednesday, June 13), I rambled around downtown Denver in the morning. You’ve already seen my best pictures from that day in the Things to do in Denver when you’re alive post. Then Michaele and I stopped at Fancy Tiger (where the horndribbles are plentiful), Colorful Yarns, and A Knitted Peace on our way to Buca to celebrate Stacey’s birthday in the Pope Room.


I cannot sufficiently emphasize the freakiness of the Pope Room! You might remember my picture of the Pope under glass on a spinner… The womens’ room at Buca was massively entertaining, but I restrained myself from spending the entire evening in there taking pictures.


After Buca, we went back to Colorful Yarns and knit for a while with some of the folks from Stacey’s party. (Yes, yes, of course I made purchases at our various stops, but you’ll have to wait for the purchases post, since everything’s been so muddled together now!)

Thursday the 14th, Michaele and I headed up to Boulder for a bit of morning hiking along the Flatirons. Then we wandered along Pearl Street, dining and exploring shops. You’ll have to completely imagine this part, since I apparently didn’t take a single picture of our idyllic day. We camped at a table outside the Bookend Cafe, next to the Boulder Bookstore, enjoying excellent people watching, conversation, and a bit of knitting. In the evening, Anne joined us for knitting and conversation before we headed back to Denver.

Friday the 15th, I wandered up to Estes Park, checked into our cabin, and headed across the street to a thrift shop while I waited for everyone else to arrive. I think I was meant to go to that shop. What do you think?


The chenille black cat, black cat coasters, knitting pattern and booklet, and eight vintage Estes Park postcards (not pictured, because they were ready to be mailed) set me back a whopping $2.15.

Ok, more on Estes later – this has gone on long enough!


“Look, Mom, no cavities (or paper)!” -Mayhem

36 thoughts on “In which I report on several more days of vacation”

  1. The…Pope…Room?? Um. I have nothing to say about that.

    But you sure did get some good shots! And Mayhem, in a froggy pose! Whodda thought!

  2. I take a vacation and spend most of it imitating a rock. Motionless and calm.

    You go on vacation and imitate a whirling dervish!

    I don’t know if I could have eaten in that pope room. It’s… creepy.

  3. Ahh Pearl Street. One thing I miss about living in Boulder is all of the cool shops on Pearl Street.. and of course, Illegal Pete’s burritos.
    Hooray for new Keens!

  4. Chris- Aren’t you glad you weren’t a 50’s teen? Your name would have been “Midge” or “Tammy” or possibly “Peggy-Sue”?
    The Pope room would have given me the willies.

    May is still in Starfish formation.

  5. The Pope Room?! I don’t think I want to know. Great finds at the thrift store! I’ve missed shopping at REI. Although I did discover there’s a store in Nashville.

  6. Perhaps the bathroom was the Pope’s way of calling you back into the fold!! Oh – there’e that pesky gluten thing again! No communion for you!

    Fab photos by the way.

  7. May could totally be photoshopped into a bat.

    I always like screwing up my metaphorical phrases and say something like “does a one legged pope poop in a circle?”

  8. Ah ha ha ha – now I’m laughing at Deb.

    Love the poster of Midge in the restroom. Buca rules (or as my elderly mother reads their sign – Buck 4).

    I am in love with my Keens – I just bought my first pairs from Zappos – I almost cried when my orthotics fit perfectly in my Mary Janes.

    I think that Mayhem is actually laughing at you – that whole Cheshire thing again?

  9. Yep, you were definitely meant to hit that particular thrift store. I’ve been waiting to see what else you found with the coasters. Has the chenille cat been officially sniffed yet?

  10. All of those Denver billboards all over town must be killing you – whenever I come back from vacation, I just want to go back again!

  11. KEENS? Did someone say KEENS? I want to know what ones.

    I love that bathroom art, very funny. Kind of, sort of reminds me Dinosaur BBQ back in NY. They encouraged you to write on the bathroom wall. They would even leave sharpies in the b-room. It was very hard to find a spot to right anything anymore.

  12. I feel the love from the pope room. Are the 10 c ommandments of driving the pope recently issued in there? If not they should be!

  13. Great treasures! It was meant to be.

    I wonder what May is hiding. When they’re that generous to prove they’re innocent, something big is going down elsewhere (hopefully not their throats!)

  14. Don’t you just love Buca de Beppo? Italian kitsch at it’s finest! And the food’s not bad, either! We seem to have the same taste in shoes—Keene’s are my favorite! I just logged at week’s worth of wear on my recent vaction on my newest pair of Keene sandals!

  15. The Pope Room? Not to put too fine a point on it but good God. And the pictures prove really. Really? Wow.

    My, Mayhem, what big teeth you have!

    And dang! Jewel got deleted off my bloglines. WTH is going on with them? Argh.

  16. So homesick. I didn’t live all that far away from Michaele. The pope room at Bucca really is freaky. So freaky, I asked for the Pope to be removed.

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