Vacation knitting

Have a special knitting friend who could really use some gorgeous sock blockers? Nominate her/him in the comments over at Leggy Creations before noon EDT, June 30, and he/she might receive a set of special friendship sock blockers.

Kristi’s got a new etsy store, where she’ll be selling handcrafted personal care products. Leave her a comment about your favorite scent before midnight EDT on July 4 and you could be randomly selected to win some of her concoctions.

You can join the Tour de France KAL anytime before the Tour officially starts on July 7 – and you don’t need to be a bicycling fiend to participate. 🙂

Oh, I had grand plans for all the knitting I would get done over vacation! I took all sorts of things along toward that end. Ha! I did about 2″ on my first July Sockamania sock (left, below) and I started the Meilenweit Colortweed sock (right, below) at Michaele’s Stumbling Over Chris party. That’s it.

“Knitting needles! Oh, how I missed our special time together while you were gone, Mom.” -Mayhem

“See? See how much I missed you? I am hugging your foot!” -Mayhem

“Whatever, May. You’re such a goof.” -Chaos

“You take that back, big kitty! I am not a goof!” -Mayhem

40 thoughts on “Vacation knitting”

  1. Oh…to see the kitty pictures…so glad you’re back!

    I would have found it pretty hard to get much knitting done too! So, what do you think of the Meilenweit?

  2. It is so nice to see the kids getting along so well.

    It seems to me you were on the move most of the time on vaca. I still haven’t learned how to knit while I’m walking – but I know some people have.

    Did you join Sockamania from the beginning? I kind of wish I’d gotten in – I’m really liking the sock patterns.

  3. I always assume I’m going to get much more knitting and reading done on vacation than I do. The only time I’m near what I think is when vacation is going home. And I only get stuff done then because of the time difference on top of my dad having to go to bead early so he can get up for morning chores, LOL!

  4. Look at those two! Is the silent treatment over or were they just too happy to see you back? You should have had a driver so you could knit while on the road. 😉

  5. I’m glad you had such a good vacation! A massage does wonders! I understand about the knitting. Why do I think knitting will be more exciting than my vacay? I never get any more than a few rows done.

    It’s great how when cats are happy to see you, they attack your feet. That’s love.

  6. I think the kitties are going to be stuck like glue to you for a while…just to make sure you aren’t sneaking out again! Nice socks! Even if there wasn’t much progress….

  7. Wild colors in the Colortweed! Very pretty Sockmania sock! It’s hard to see the sights and knit simultaneously.

    Mayhem and Chaos are good entertainers! Very silly too.

  8. I just love your kitty shots. A big black cat came up on our porch last night and I immediately thought, “Chaos has come to visit!” Timmy was not amused.

  9. Hmmm… yes, I think more yarn pr0n is definitely called for. Looking at these socks, it looks like your palette for yarn might be changing a wee bit! And so sweet to see the kitties fighting at your feet!

  10. Love to see 2 happy (and clingy) kitties now that you’re back. PS-that was PLENTY of knitting for vacation. Sounds like this one was more about experiences–people and places. Knit on the next one.

  11. The sock blockers look great! The Tour KAL would be good for me to work on finishing up a couple of UFOs, I’ll have to think about it – thanks for sharing the link.
    The kitties seem so happy to have you back home!

  12. I always take way more knitting on vacation than I’m able to work on. It sounds like a fun vacation though! I like the colors in the sock on the left.

  13. thank you for posting about the Tour de France KAL, it’s just my speed, work on your own item at your own pace! 🙂

    Pepper rolls around like Mayhem is in those pictures… such silly kitties!

  14. Glad you had such a good time 😉 My favourite photo had to be the rabbit! No surprise there…..

    Fab shots of Chaos & Mayhem – didn’t they miss you!!!

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