How did it get to be Monday again?!

  • And stop back tomorrow for a new book contest…
  • This time we went to the Paperback Exchange, which has an impressive selection of used romances.
  • Along with a rather complicated trade-in system that took us a long time to decipher from our receipts later.
  • Fortunately, we were comfortably seated in Dragonfly Coffee, which is right next to the Paperback Exchange.
  • I’m so going back to Dragonfly again, because they had gluten-free muffins and bars!
  • Sadly, I wasn’t hungry while we was there.
  • After I posted that, the radio didn’t come on for two days.
  • Not intermittent, true, but not exactly what I was hoping for.
  • Thanks to everyone who commented or sent email last week with reading and book-related song ideas! Now I just have to track down a few of those and integrate them with what I have…

“When the contest is finally over will I be able to get off the books, Mom? Please? My butt is getting sore.” -Mayhem