Another dreary day in linkity land

Mayhem’s still a cutie!

Harry is very serious. And annoyed about having his photo taken.

Polly checks out a charging cable.

Polly gnawing on the split loom tubing protecting the charging cable…

3 thoughts on “Another dreary day in linkity land”

  1. Scritches to the kitties! Mayhem is definitely still a cutie.

    I’m a bit curious about the sheep cafe, but I think I’ll stick with my hope to eventually get to a cat cafe instead.

    I’m also curious about the book vending machines, but I think I’ll stick with bookstores. Still, a book for sixpence… 😉

    Those koi pond tables are amazing!

    A battery-powered portable microwave actually sounds like a pretty good idea. There are definitely times that would have come in handy!

    That octagonal house is neat, but I still don’t understand why someone would build one. That is way too many chandeliers… I don’t get that, either. I do like that castle hybrid in Portland, though.
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