Linkity is very tired of March’s lionish behavior

Mayhem would prefer not to have her photo taken, thanks.

Goofy Polly!

My, what a big mouth you have there, Harry!

3 thoughts on “Linkity is very tired of March’s lionish behavior”

  1. I don’t even want to think about Hidden Valley Ranch anything.

    Too much danger!

    Too much wind! (Here… but probably heading your way.)

  2. Hi kitties!

    For all of the “why did you bring Pippin along” comments that I’ve seen around (over my many years of reading LOTR) one of the big ones has always been because he’s a reminder of why all of this is important. More than the others, he maintains an innocence even in the midst of horror. But I like the deep dive into the comparisons that you posted, too. Maybe one day I’ll finish reading The Silmarillion…

    Ranch ice cream is a big no. (I’ve had garlic ice cream, and that’s as far down the savory ice cream path as I want to go.) Cookie-stuffed-brownies though… those might be worth trying.

    That hobbit-ish house is cute—though the curved roof makes me think more of a ship (upside-down). I like the lemon yellow pops of color! Though I’m undecided on the lime laundry room. Put some stencils on it and it could be a lot of fun.
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