Linkity wishes happy birthday to Polly and Harry

Happy first birthday, Polly and Harry!

First Harry stomped across Mayhem to get to his perch. Now his tail is Infringing On Her Space and She Is Displeased.

It’s hard to believe, but Polly is even sweeter than she looks! If you are a people, she will love you!


3 thoughts on “Linkity wishes happy birthday to Polly and Harry”

  1. Happy birthday to the kittens! Polly looks so sweet that it’s hard to believe she’s even sweeter than she looks.

    I knew about a lot of those idioms already, but the others were interesting. And it’s a reminder that I want to remove “pardon my French” from my use. Anything that was probably intended as a dig against a large group of people is not worth continuing.

    I was never interested in having a Tamagotchi before, but the R2D2 one is tempting. (Still probably not for me, but it’s a whole lot closer.)

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