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Reading Update
Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houston. Rereading is such a funny thing. I haven’t reread this for at least 20 years and remembered loving it – it really resonated with me then. Now? Not so much.
Once Upon a Piece of Paper: A Visual Guide to Collage Making by Andrea D’Aquino. Not much text at all, so it’s a fast read, and I got some great inspiration from it. But I can’t say that it was worth the price of purchase – maybe if I used every scrap of paper in the “paper to collage” pad that came with the book, but my track record on such things isn’t good.
My Monster NotebookMy Monster Notebook by John Harris. Pretty good kids’ book about mythological monsters. (I have this to cut apart for collage and inadvertently read it.)

*staring into opposite distances* -Chaos & Mayhem

Small cat in the big cat bed, big cat in the small cat bed…

5 thoughts on “Linkity apparently blinked and missed spring – suddenly it’s summer O.O”

  1. My mom used to do the same thing with our birdfeeder when I was little and we lived in Pennsylvania. She used Crisco. It was very funny watching the furry rodents jump on the pole and slide down.

  2. I don’t care if hummus is good for me. I like it, therefore it is good. (Though I will watch out for the salt content, now that I know to look for it.)

    It seems I read the Bradbury books all out of order. I started with the one they say to read last. Hmm. Need to re-read some Bradbury. I really liked his work.

    Interesting timing on the article about the two recovered pages of Anne Frank’s diary, since I’m currently reading the published version. I’d never read it for school, and given the current political climate it felt particularly important to read it now.

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