Linkity is just THRILLED to be under a winter storm warning

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Painting Your Way Out of  Corner: The Art of Getting Unstuck by Barbara Diane Barry. Good book about using intuitive painting (whether or not you’ve ever painted before) to help you get past blocks in your life.

“Please bring back the birds, Mom. I miss them!” -Mayhem

(Soon. Very soon. I hope.)

7 thoughts on “Linkity is just THRILLED to be under a winter storm warning”

  1. dead mall africa was mesmerizing. i ate the whole thing. i vividly remember the video for this when it was #1 on the charts here in 1982 but I also just went and watched the video, and it is not the one I remember and I do not know how to reconcile this information.

  2. The Simon’s cat video gave me a laugh. When I was about 4 or 5, my dad brought home a Siamese cat that had been raised in a research lab. He liked climbing things, and sometimes had to be rescued. Like from the huge elm tree in our front yard (my dad had to climb up and get him down), and the telephone pole (firemen came out).

  3. Not reading the 100 calorie bit – so there. And sooo happy the winter storm passed us by. We was talking about STEM and engineering in my knitting class the other not, and one of the the students said to me “How is designing knitting and writing the pattern NOT engineering?” Hmmmm. I am a math failure of giant proportions, and that shocked my brain a bit.
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  4. Aaaww. Poor May. I’m sure everyone who lives near you wants the birds back.

    I love John Oliver! Mr. Wyrm and I couldn’t stop laughing when we watched that episode. (And I will be getting Marlon Bundo on Audible.)

    Oooh, I love the embroidery hoop art! And the Simon’s Cat.

    It’s also interesting to see the stuff on the Potterverse and queerbaiting (a term which I knew by concept & action but not by name before this, oddly). I can’t disagree with that article, though. If you’re writing a gay character, write an actual gay character. Don’t just tell us that someone with no obvious sexual preferences is gay and expect it to be enough.
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