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Reading Update
The Merchant’s War (Merchant Princes #4) by Charles Stross. I think I’m going to use my status update from finishing this book as my review: “OMG, another cliffhanger. I have the next two ebooks on hand (bless you, library), but I have to sleep. And these are not short books. But the suspense! At least I know things have to be tied up by the end of the next two books, since that ends the series…
The Revolution Business (Merchant Princes #5) by Charles Stross. How can the intensity just continue to build like this?! Anyway, yeah, another cliffhanger, so make sure you have the next book on hand.
The Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6) by Charles Stross. This was a white-knuckle read right until the very end! Whew. It feels like this series was heavily influenced by the way the world turned after 9/11… Also, willful ignorance and refusing to change/adapt can be extraordinarily dangerous to those around you…

“It’s your fault he’s like this, Mom.” -Mayhem

“What’s a cat gotta do to get fed around here?!?!??????” -Chaos