Linkity is 2.5 miles from the stadium in which the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday


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Reading Update
The Merchant’s War (Merchant Princes #4) by Charles Stross. I think I’m going to use my status update from finishing this book as my review: “OMG, another cliffhanger. I have the next two ebooks on hand (bless you, library), but I have to sleep. And these are not short books. But the suspense! At least I know things have to be tied up by the end of the next two books, since that ends the series…
The Revolution Business (Merchant Princes #5) by Charles Stross. How can the intensity just continue to build like this?! Anyway, yeah, another cliffhanger, so make sure you have the next book on hand.
The Trade of Queens (Merchant Princes #6) by Charles Stross. This was a white-knuckle read right until the very end! Whew. It feels like this series was heavily influenced by the way the world turned after 9/11… Also, willful ignorance and refusing to change/adapt can be extraordinarily dangerous to those around you…

“It’s your fault he’s like this, Mom.” -Mayhem

“What’s a cat gotta do to get fed around here?!?!??????” -Chaos

7 thoughts on “Linkity is 2.5 miles from the stadium in which the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday”

  1. Blue bees! Awesome!

    That Snowfire DK blanket is AMAZING. I’m glad it used gradient yarns, though. I don’t think I’d have the patience to do that AND change colors so often.

    And I love that Rapunzel story! See, stories like that are why I love fairy tale re-tellings / re-imaginings.

  2. What is this “Super Bowl” you speak of? Does it go with the Spoonbridge and Cherry? It seems like they need a bowl. A big bowl.

  3. It’s not just that I enjoy being evil, although I do, but I watched the whole disco ball video, with all the power tools, and jagged edges on cut light bulb glass, and broken mirror bits, and a torch, and all I really wanted to see was at least a bandaid or two. Ah, Shop Class, those were the good (aka:Bloody) old days.

  4. thank you so much for that link to the page on finding your journaling style. I felt like that was speaking directly to me. Also I had a epiphany when a commenter said “I am using an old planner of mine”. I HAVE UNUSED PLANNERS!

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