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Reading Update
Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life by Keri Smith. Ok short activity book about how to bring more creativity into your life, which apparently involves a lot of stickers and vaguely New Agey sentiments. I did like the directions (page 61) for how to make a wee book from a single sheet of paper.
Collage, Paint, Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques and Materials by Sue Pelletier. Ok collage how-to book that’s not particularly relevant to collage for art journaling, as it focuses on creating works that are not flat. (I don’t see myself using plaster-of-paris or 18-gauge wire in my art journal.) Plus I found the artist’s style repetitive – mostly dresses, Mary Janes, and birds.

*continuing to be enthralled* -Chaos

(Spoiler: It’s a branch. Not a bird. Not a squirrel. A branch.)

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