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Reading Update (I know, I’m as shocked about this as you are)
Unshapely Things (Connor Grey #1) by Mark Del Franco. reread. I originally read this in February 2008. Upon rereading, I definitely appreciated some of the more “old school” urban fantasy elements (harking back to Charles de Lint, Emma Bull, Terri Windling, Tanya Huff, etc), such as the involvement of the Fae and the city/urban environment seeming to almost be a character itself. In this tale of druid who’s lost his powers and helps out the Boston Police Department as best he can, the urban fantasy elements pair interestingly with a first-person noir detective narrative (as with the Dresden Files). On with my reread of the next two books, which is as far as I made it before running out of steam with the genre last time.
Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey #2) by Mark Del Franco. reread. Very good urban fantasy in which Connor encounters trolls and dwarves and tree spirits, oh my!
Unfallen Dead (Connor Grey #3) by Mark Del Franco. reread. Another good installment in the Connor Grey series. Like orannia, I didn’t think the romantic relationship added anything to the story.

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