Misadventure vacation!

While my big work project has finally deployed, we’re still doing plenty of cleanup tasks… plus I’m in the midst of buying a new condo, preparing to move, and then after I actually move, updating my old condo to put it on the market. I’m not feeling particularly creative at the moment re: the Misadventures (even though I have material for many, many, many more), so I’m hoping a bit of a break helps revitalize me. In the meantime, have a cat picture. If you dare. 😉

“What the heck?! Why am I here?! I’m supposed to have Mondays off! May’s supposed to do Mondays!!!!” -Chaos

11 thoughts on “Misadventure vacation!”

  1. Uh oh, looks like Chaos is really cross with you. 🙂

    I hope everything goes smoothly for your move and the sale of your condo. Hmmn, particularly with Mayhem and Chaos, I’ve just thought, that look on Chaos face could have been because you’d just told him you were all moving. – “I’m not going, I like it HERE, mom!!!!”

  2. Chaos looks like he’s about to cry (if cats can) – definitely not happy!
    Good luck with all the moves and tidyups (work and condo) – stressful times!

  3. LOL Love the cats’ reaction! They’ll settle soon. Just give extra tlc. Catnip wouldn’t hurt either!!!

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