Two knitting-related posts in one week?! This can’t possibly be SoC… can it?

Can someone help Marina up over there? Anyone have some smelling salts? Thanks! πŸ˜‰

Back in August, I dyed Tequila Sunrise stripey yarn from some KnitPicks sock blanks that the ever-gracious Deb gifted to me. (And it’s Deb’s birthday today, so head on over and wish her a good one, eh?) After knitting the lovely and intricate (and non-stripey) Beryl Tendrils, I was in the mood for a plain, mindless toe-up sock. Enter the Tequila Sunrise Socks.

“We warned you that this was a cat crossing, Mom. Too busy to stop or worry about the safety of your sock.” -Chaos

“Yeah! What the big kitty said!” -Mayhem

“Wait, these look like they might be stripey socks…” -Mayhem

“Hmm… and they match my favorite mouse, too. Promising.” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on “Two knitting-related posts in one week?! This can’t possibly be SoC… can it?”

  1. May’s feeties look so dainty and delicate next to the pink mouse.

    I know! Poor Marina! Imagine what’ll happen when Carrie K. finishes Mary Tudor!

    I love your springy socks. I’d need them on an icky day like today…

  2. Very pretty indeed! I’m usually not one for orange, but when mixed with pink, it just seems like a much nicer color. I have two pairs I’ve made with orange and pink together.

  3. I love these colors, they are some of my favorites. Well done! Is May possibly measuring her foot for a pair or two, too?

  4. Seconding Brigitte on Mayhem’s dainty feet.

    After getting up off the floor and rubbing my forehaed, that is.

    Nice (stripey) socks.

  5. Gorgeous colors! I think Mayhem is scheming how to make those socks hers and hers alone. She’d probably prefer them lying wet in the bathroom sink.

  6. Wow, this really IS a second knitting post in one week. I had to check to make sure you weren’t bedridden or something. πŸ™‚ The TS yarn knitted up beautifully into some nice stripes.

  7. Those are great colors, and I love the name. I’ve been looking at that knitpics sock blank, and remembering that you did this… it seems like a lot of work, was it fun and worth it?

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