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Congrats to bheds, who won Fire on the Mountain (The Mountains #1) (2nd ed) by PD Singer! Fire on the Mountain is being released by Dreamspinner Press today.

Congrats to Seanna Lea, who won Lucius’ Bite (Family of Misfits #1) by K-Lee Klein! Lucius’ Bite is being released by MLR Press today.

Congrats to Ria M, who won Saviours of Oestend (Oestend #2), by Marie Sexton! Saviours of Oestend will be released by Total-E-Bound on June 25.

Congrats to garnetyuna, who won Full Circle (Sanctuary #5) by RJ Scott! Full Circle will be released by Silver Publishing on June 23.




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Reading Update
Tatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic #1) by Anah Crow & Dianne Fox. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a young mage who’s been imprisoned and experimented on until he manages to break free, then is rescued by a man who isn’t exactly human… I wish there’d been a bit more backstory and am very glad that I have the sequel queued up to read.
Trammel (Foundations of Magic #2) by Anah Crow & Dianne Fox. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance in which Lindsay is given an emotionally damaged fire mage to train as all of Cyrus’ people focus on trying to keep a newly aware mage out of enemy hands. While this is definitely not a cliffhanger, there are still open storylines I’d like to see tied up. A third book, Ternion, is listed on Anah Crow’s website without details or dates.
Full Circle (Sanctuary #5) by RJ Scott. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense in which Manny finds himself attracted to the son of a murderer, but can’t let himself get distracted as the Bullen case hits critical.
Timeslip by Clare London. ebook short. Very good short timetravel m/m story about a guy whose hardass boss keeps appearing in his bedroom at night, then vanishing.
Townie & the Twink (Men of Holsum College #3) by Daisy Harris. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a college student who can tell that the cute townie from class is closeted, even from himself, although his blatant lusting after his lifelong best friend gives him away.
Jamie (Dominion #2.5) by Lissa Kasey. free ebook short. Good short paranormal m/m that just provides a slice of life from the perspective of Seiran’s older brother Jamie.
Conviction (Dominion #3) by Lissa Kasey. ebook. Good paranormal m/m romance about Seiran’s friend, water witch Kelly, and Seiran’s older brother, earth witch Jamie, who head to a northern Minnesota lodge with Seiran and Gabe for what turns out to be anything but a relaxing getaway. Unfortunately, I never really felt the supposed connection between Kelly and Jamie. 🙁 I’d like to point out that the cover is kind of funny, in that Minnesota lacks mountains – the highest point is 2301 feet/701m. 🙂

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