Oh, *blip*

Bloglines apparently hates me today. And not all of my comments are being emailed to me in a timely fashion. *sigh*

Remember me mentioning the outbreak of babies that was on its way? My boss and his wife produced the first baby of said outbreak at the end of September, in a very dramatic delivery only three hours and ten minutes after labor started… and only 15 minutes after reaching the hospital. I had some nicely boy appropriate bibs on hand (while I don’t care that much about gender “appropriate” colors, parents can get weird about it), so all was well.

Until yesterday morning, that is. Chaos wandered across the table while I was eating breakfast (yeah, yeah, I finally admitted the futility of my “the kitchen table is not a kitty superhighway!” policy) and started to lick something on top of one of my piles of stuff. Automatically checking to see if said something needed to be rescued, I retrieved a baby shower invitation… for October 11th. The baby shower for which I had hoped to have a respectable number of bibs on hand (a dozen). The baby shower that I had apparently blocked out of my mind. Oh, *blip*.

So, here’s my pile of bibs and proto-bibs (aka balls of kitchen cotton). Hmm. The baby in question is a boy. I wonder how the parents will react to that pastel blue/green/lavender/white bib in the middle? Should I save that for some future girl baby?

*sound of whistling* “Let’s just see if Mom’s paying attention to these yummy looking dangly bits of yarn, shall we?” -Mayhem

*sound of Mayhem being snatched up, up, and away and scolded*

“Hmm, I feel an impending sense of doom…” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “Oh, *blip*”

  1. I think the bib in the middle is fine for a boy.

    I don’t know how you can knit so many bibs without going stir crazy. I had all good intentions of knitting several of them for Clover – she has two and it was all I could do to finish those!

  2. I agree with Julie. I didn’t see any bib that would not be acceptable for a little boy. My son is 12 and I would have put any of those bibs on him when he was little. 🙂

  3. Personally, I am not at all keen on color-coding children by their sex. Babies don’t care what color their clothes/bibs/gear are! And neither should grownups.

  4. I think the middle bib is fine. This coming from someone who’s son wore pink sleepers, was swaddled in pink blankets, slept on pink sheets, wears barrettes in his hair, carries a baby doll with him wherever he goes and will ONLY ride his sister’s hot pink tricycle.

  5. well, at least Chaos brought your attention to the invite a few days early!

    now, if only you could teach the kitties to knit – without eating all the yarn in the process, of course. good luck with that 😉

  6. Chris- Baby bibs always end up a weird shade of orange from all the mashed squash and sweet potatoes. I never fed my kids anything I wouldn’t eat, so the pureed green beans were out.

    OTOH- the fruits are yummy. So they will be happy to have it.

  7. I think the bib is fine for a baby boy. But then, what do I know about babies.

    I think Chaos is thinking that pile of knitting makes a nice substitute for a happi colord blankit.

  8. nope, they look good for boys or girls…. although my daughter was dressed very seattle grunge complete with doc martins and not a speck of pink in sight!

  9. Yeah, bloglines has been broken. Suddenly now posts are coming up. Like yours!

    As a parent, I totally think the blue/green/lavender bib is boy-appropriate even if you’re conservative. All is well!

  10. Well obviously Chaos was looking out for you. 😉 I would think all the bibs and proto-bibs would be good for a boy but I’m not sure I’m a good judge.

    I’m convinced that keeping kitties off the kitchen table is a lost cause.

  11. I would certainly be ok with that bib for Boy Friday – I think I might draw the line at all pink. And it’s not just parents – it’s those bystanders who say “oh, what a cute girl!” when you’ve got a boy (I was not offended when this happened, I just thought the guy was crazy)! Although I very nearly bought a pink chime toy for him the other day…I just couldn’t do it.

  12. How nice of Chaos to remind you of the shower! You’d better use May as your model for this shoot, or Chaos might neglect to remind you of the next one…

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