Oh, *blip*

Bloglines apparently hates me today. And not all of my comments are being emailed to me in a timely fashion. *sigh*

Remember me mentioning the outbreak of babies that was on its way? My boss and his wife produced the first baby of said outbreak at the end of September, in a very dramatic delivery only three hours and ten minutes after labor started… and only 15 minutes after reaching the hospital. I had some nicely boy appropriate bibs on hand (while I don’t care that much about gender “appropriate” colors, parents can get weird about it), so all was well.

Until yesterday morning, that is. Chaos wandered across the table while I was eating breakfast (yeah, yeah, I finally admitted the futility of my “the kitchen table is not a kitty superhighway!” policy) and started to lick something on top of one of my piles of stuff. Automatically checking to see if said something needed to be rescued, I retrieved a baby shower invitation… for October 11th. The baby shower for which I had hoped to have a respectable number of bibs on hand (a dozen). The baby shower that I had apparently blocked out of my mind. Oh, *blip*.

So, here’s my pile of bibs and proto-bibs (aka balls of kitchen cotton). Hmm. The baby in question is a boy. I wonder how the parents will react to that pastel blue/green/lavender/white bib in the middle? Should I save that for some future girl baby?

*sound of whistling* “Let’s just see if Mom’s paying attention to these yummy looking dangly bits of yarn, shall we?” -Mayhem

*sound of Mayhem being snatched up, up, and away and scolded*

“Hmm, I feel an impending sense of doom…” -Chaos