In which there are no “happi colord blankits” at all

Congrats to lucky numbers 15, 19, and 33 (aka Kathy, K, and Cheryl)! Many thanks to everyone who participated in Chaos’ birthday contest. 🙂

Jen’s giving away a skein of Yarn Pirate sock yarn – simply leave her a comment by 11:59 pm on October 13 for your chance to win.

Knit Witch is having a ghost story contest. Send her your ghost story by October 31for your chance to win some Knit Witch yarn.

That Yarn Harlot, she definitely knows how to come up with a very challenging contest

Does this cartoon resonate with anyone?! *a-hem* The extremely technogeeky and knitterly (*a-hem*trek*a-hem*) might enjoy this cartoon

Hmm, do you think I should get a “happi colord blankit”?

How true is this spoof cover of The Economist?! (May not be suitable for work if someone’s lurking behind you.)

For fans of Lilith Saintcrow, she has a free Saint City novel up on her website. Please note that this novel (Selene) takes place immediately after Saintcrow’s short story in the collection Hotter than Hell (and was one of the few stories I actually liked in that collection).

If you’re a fan of paranormal romance/fantasy, you might enjoy Blitzen Trapper’s new song “Furr” (link near bottom of blurb), described as an “alt-country werewolf ballad.”

*snicker* True, true, the Lord of the Rings is definitely an exception to this one… except for all the songs in the books.

Reading Update
Nip, Tuck, Dead and Dead on Arrival (Pauline Sokol Mysteries, Book 5-6), “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” from Sugarplums and Scandal, plus another short story called “Dr. Robin Hood” by Lori Avocato. Still very, very evocative of Evanovich, although the “Joe” character seems to be a moving target with each book. The end of Dead on Arrival was really weird – the book ended, and then a nonsensical epilogue was tacked on to it. Did some more research and discovered that this series is between publishers right now.
Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1) by L.A. Banks. If 24 mated with the X-Files and had a werewolf episode…
Time and Again: Time Was & Time Changes by Nora Roberts. Ok, ok, I didn’t return all of those Nora Roberts books… How could I resist these two related novels about time travel?
A Taste of Darkness (MacKenzie Vampire, Book 3); Wicked Nights, Wicked Pleasure, and Wicked Fantasy(Castle of Dreams Trilogy) by Nina Bangs. Light’n’fluffy’n’racy paranormal romance, complete with decent writing and an ongoing storyline – start with Wicked Nights (before any of the MacKenzie Vampire books even).
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Very well-written teen urban fantasy – if the passivity of Bella and creepy stalker nature of Edward (Twilight) don’t seem like good teen reading for you, check out this novel. No vampires in this one.
A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarthy. A bit reminiscent of Jennifer Crusie, with some ghosts tossed in.
The Becoming (The Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 1) by Jeanne C. Stein. Meet Anna Strong, a bounty hunter recently turned into a vampire. Looking forward to the rest of the series after this strong start! Highly recommended.

“Since I don’t have a ‘happi colord blankit,‘ I’m hard at work on my next evil plan.” -Chaos

25 thoughts on “In which there are no “happi colord blankits” at all”

  1. I think everyone needs a happi colord blankit! Apparently quilts work too because Pepper has been very docile and quite snuggly since it came out for the fall…

  2. Purple LionBrand HomeSpun seems to work for Mel. (It was my…second rectangular project, knit on 17s. It’s amazing to me how much use it gets.)

  3. Happi colord blankit, happi colord kitteh bed, happi colord sox… better get working on it, mom! Hurry!

    ITA about LOTR and the songs! Funny cartoon.

  4. I think we all deserve happy blankets (grins)
    thanks for the new book list 🙂
    I am just finishing up the Kelly Armstrong series of Women of the Otherworld. It’s entertaining; although the last two books get increasingly violent.. a bit over the top, actually. (just my opinion.

  5. Very amusing indeed that we had such similar links today.

    Though, how could Chaos come up with proper evil plans when there’s May in the house, adding kittenish bounce and being distracting?

  6. congrats to chaos birthday winners! I need a cat to help teach our stalker kitty to be more affectionate. She is only until you feed her. she actually drew blood on hubbys arm the other night being so anxious for food as he was scooping it from the can into her dish (guess he was too slow)

  7. I think you need to hurry and get a “happi colord blankit” before Chaos hatches his evil plan.

    I love the spoof Economist cover, and the cartoons!

    Congrats to the winners!

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