I should warn you in advance that this bib thing? Way addictive. You know how so many people are knitting those clever MDK washcloths/dishrags and they just keep knitting more and more? The bibs are like that, too. I’m sure Jeanne will post her tale of many bibs any day now. And Sydney has already succumbed – one of her ferrets is modeling!

So, I present to you…. Bib #3!! Knit from less than one ball of Sugar’n’Cream, color Summer Splash, this probably will be the last Project Spectrum item I complete for June.

Once again, my model was too slow in his escape.


But wait, what have we here?!

*muffled* (probably best, don’t you think??)

“I’ve got my eye on you, Mom. I’m wise to your tricks now!”