I should warn you in advance that this bib thing? Way addictive. You know how so many people are knitting those clever MDK washcloths/dishrags and they just keep knitting more and more? The bibs are like that, too. I’m sure Jeanne will post her tale of many bibs any day now. And Sydney has already succumbed – one of her ferrets is modeling!

So, I present to you…. Bib #3!! Knit from less than one ball of Sugar’n’Cream, color Summer Splash, this probably will be the last Project Spectrum item I complete for June.

Once again, my model was too slow in his escape.


But wait, what have we here?!

*muffled* (probably best, don’t you think??)

“I’ve got my eye on you, Mom. I’m wise to your tricks now!”

39 thoughts on “Chaoudini”

  1. oh i just love those bibs! the garter does a nice job of softening the color changes too. and i can only imagine they get softer over time.

  2. Chaos is such a good sport! 🙂

    I think I’m the only blogger who hasn’t knit a bib yet! Must remedy that . . .

    I love your bibs!

  3. Perhaps one of those bibs is what I should do for the baby boy I still need to knit something for. I’m not nearly as close to mom and dad of said boy so just something quick and easy like a bib is probably fine…

  4. Did you notice how well the bib matches his eyes? 🙂 I might have to make a mini one for Purl, she would probably have fun attacking it…she spent a good fifteen minutes jumping at the slider when she saw her reflection…silly kitty!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds humor in dressing up their animals.. Chaos makes a wonderful bib model- I think he’s definitely got a career there!

  6. Oh Chaos! You were supposed to use the bibs as a clever mechanism to get more tuna deliveries! The bibs are very cute! I see Chaos has one of those scratching boxes – our girls’ sister Happy Cat has one of those and keeps insisting they don’t know what they’re missing ;o)

  7. Don’t even tell me knitting these things is addictive. besides the fact I just went out and bought a boatload of SNC yarn to make bibs and some warshcloths. I had a feeling it might be a bit addictive! 🙂

  8. The bibs are wonderful, and I just have to say, I *love* the new look of Chez Chaos! Clean and fabulous. Kudos to your web designer – pat yourself on the back, eh?!?

  9. Clever Chaos! Too bad, though, it really is “his” color. Too bad there are not babies around here to knit for, I’d like to give those bibs a try.

  10. laughing so hard here at this end!
    Chaos, we’re on your side this time… oh the indignity of it all, imagine Mom thinking you needed a bib! hah! 🙂

  11. At least I know that I am not the only one that finds dressing up my kitty amusing! Liberace doesn’t usually work so hard to get it off though, hehe.

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