In which the link thing gets completely and totally out of hand

It’s time for Jane’s Fourth Annual Show Me Your Socks Contest! Check out the details and drool over the gorgeous prizes (sock yarn, of course) donated by Numma Numma. Contest closes at midnight EDT, September 28.

BrainyLady Alison’s giving away a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. For your chance to win, leave her a comment (by September 29) about what your favorite knitting book was this year.

Sarah’s having her preemie hat knitting contest – sign up on her blog if you’d like to knit some preemie hats.

Yesterday’s post inspired Michaele to share this link to a short video about the very cool bike racks former Talking Heads’ frontman David Byrne designed for New York City. Thanks, Michaele!

On Saturday, September 27, the Smithsonian is sponsoring Museum Day – you can “enjoy free general admission for you and a guest to hundreds of museums and cultural venues nationwide.” Some of the participating locations in Minnesota include the Minnesota Zoo and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

If I had seen these signs, I probably would’ve been laughing too hard to take pictures…

Can’t you just picture Mayhem in this particular lol? (Although I suspect that a kung fu mouse would make her very happy!) I thought these two lolz went well together.

Last weekend, Lifehacker’s Ungeek to Live column was about how to fit reading into your life.

Ewwwwww! Clever, though.

So, what’s your personal fairy? Jeanne thinks mine is the parking fairy. Can’t argue there – I’m always bemused when I don’t get rockstar parking, because it so often just happens. I could also make a case for the book fairy. Here’s an example – when I embarked on my rereading of all the Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter novels project last week, I used the Minneapolis Public Library catalog to figure out how to get all the books via the minimum number of close libraries. Over two days, I stopped at four different libraries (all within four miles of me): Walker, Hosmer, Washburn, and Linden Hills. As I was driving down 50th Street from Washburn to Linden Hills for the last few books, I had the twitchy urge to stop at the Paperback Exchange (not one of my usual haunts). They had a single Dark-Hunter novel, which I purchased even though my list showed it to be at the Linden Hills Library. When I got to Linden Hills, guess which Dark-Hunter novel was not to be found? Yup. I get that little twitchy urge for both used bookstores and thrift stores and it’s usually right on target.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

“Go away! Quit pretending you can see me!!” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “In which the link thing gets completely and totally out of hand”

  1. I have a knitting fairy! Too bad it’s not around all the time but when it is, it doesn’t talk loud enough and it informs me of mistakes after I’ve done them 😉

  2. Hmm… going to have to remember that sandwich bag idea.

    I don’t think I’ve got a fairy but I do believe you have having seen you pop into spaces like magic!

  3. Hee, hee, I love the battle of the church marquee’s. Free dog souls with conversion.

    Pssst, I see you May! She must be looking for a kung fu mouse under there.

  4. In the comments to the Fairy article I really loved the one about the “inner monologue fairy that narrates your day in the voice of Morgan Freeman”.. it gave me the giggles for quite a while. (especially while I was filling the cat bowls & thinking about how that would sound in a running monologue)
    I think I probably have a “sale fairy” because I’m usually lucky enough to find exactly what I want on a discount rack without checking the sale papers.

  5. 1. Those church signs were hysterical.

    2. Those sandwich bags are brilliant, albeit kind of disgusting.

    3. My personal fairy…hmm. That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to think about that and come back. I could list a million for Dave, LOL…but…I’m having a hard time coming up with one for myself.

  6. Oh wow, a Smithsonian sponsored Museum Day!! That’s a great way to spend a day.

    Heh. All dogs AND cats go to heaven! They’d better… Those were great signs, thanks for the laugh.

  7. The parking fairy is the best type of fairy, at least when you live in the city! Oh Mayhem…

    My Kylie likes to “hide in ambush” in fairly obvious spots (behind a plant or partially under a blanket that’s over the arm of the couch), then she gets mad at you if you let on that you see her.

  8. That picture of May looks a lot like one I could’ve taken of Jack the other night on the couch when he was “fluffing” his blanket 😉

    I would love a fairy that handles all of the kids homework – but am not willing to sacrifice my own parking fairy for it.

  9. I don’t know about fairies, but I have the sick puppy karma. If there is a puppy destined to be chronically or dangerously ill that needs daily nursing – I’m your gal! (I don’t even really like dogs all that much…I got the caretaker gene somewhere in my DNA!)

  10. Aw, May, so cute! 🙂

    I don’t know what my fairy would be. Procrastinating fairy, maybe. Anytime I need to procrastinate, I find a book that “needs” reading.

    Oh. Wait. No, that’s not a fairy. That’s just a large bookshelf.

  11. Rick says mine is the deal fairy. I often seem to fall into a really good deal, even if I’m not looking for one.

    I like the David Byrne bike racks, and the brief tour with David. We even have some local museums in the museum day event.

  12. The “pacifier fairy” recently visited my nephew. In exchange for giving up his pacis, he got a wooden egg for his toy kitchen and an elephant puzzle. Not to mention a fancy letter from the paci fairy herself!

    I can’t see much use for a paci fairy in my life, but my sister sure is grateful for her.

  13. I have a personal driving fairy. Sometimes I just look up and I’m where I’m supposed to be without any recollection of how I got there. Mayhem, you are missing a purr-fectly lovely day to sit on the window sill and look outside at birdies!!

  14. Ooh, I love the fairies discussion (and the billboards!)

    I’m going to have to say that I’ve got the technical “well it’s working now” fairy. I always seem to run into those cases where my coworkers/clients/family call me over to help with a computer problem and of course it works fine once I’m there. 😉 Can’t complain too much about that since it’s my line of work.

  15. Chris- My sister is like that, she gets up in the morning and something tells her there is a score to be had at one of the secondhand stores- she’s always right.

    I never score Jack-Bupkiss.

  16. I think I often have the horrible accident preventing fairy. There have been so many times I should have gotten way more hurt than I do. Case in point, I fell on my stairs last week. I crunched my knuckle pretty good, but I was able to catch myself before I seriously hurt my knee, which just got a mild bruise.

  17. thanks for all the cool links!

    i seem to have the finding-of-small-lost-things fairy. usually other people’s small lost things. she comes in quite handy, thoug, especially if you’ve lost a contact lens or an earring back! =)

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