Racking it up

I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy whimsical bike racks, such as the ones outside of the Uptown Y:

This one’s presumably from the same artist/era and could use some welding.

More recent bike-shaped bike racks…

These have a slightly different style.

And this one departs utterly from that theme!

For ultimate security, try the Metro Transit bike lockers.

And remember…

Fall is definitely on its way – time to change from the crisp, cool cotton sheets to the snuggly jersey sheets.

“Go away! We’re not here!” -Chaos

“Yeah! What the big kitty said!” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Racking it up”

  1. I thought to myself the same thing last night — its getting close to time to change the sheets for winter! I love flannel & jersey sheets.. they’re so cozy! Apparently the kitties agree.. Ms. Kitty is happy that I brought out the fuzzy blankets for tv watching on the couch.

  2. Oooo, I just put my duvet back on my bed…*sigh*…so wonderful…

    I love seeing those bike racks. I haven’t seen anything remotely interesting like those here. Although we do have the lockers.

  3. Hey, Chris, make sure to shake out the sheets before dumping them in the washer – you just never know what may tumble to the ground: loose change, dpns, disgruntled felines…

  4. Last night Jack spent a great deal of time trying to get a blanket “just right” for him to crawl inside of. No matter what he did he couldn’t get his back end covered and it was fun to watch; eventually he gave up and pouted while laying on top of it.

  5. Fun! I keep considering learning to ride a bike, but it’s several miles to anywhere useful I could bike to so I feel like it would be a very long learning curve before it let me cut down on car use.

  6. Sheet changing – it’s an Olympic activity at our house too!! Plus Sammy usually steal a pillow case of two and runs around the house with them – lie her own version of rhythmic gymnastics!

  7. Love those bike racks! So charming.

    Jersey sheets just don’t do it for me — they always seem too clingy? Cozy flannel sheets, on the other hand, are perfect for winter.

  8. I politely informed a guy this morning that riding on the sidewalks was illegal. After he almost hit me and then yelled at me for ‘getting in his way’. Love those bike lockers.

  9. Love the sheet lumps!

    Cool bike racks. All ours are quite — well, I was going to say, pedestrian, but that is not quite the right word.

    In this small city, riding on the sidewalks is legal as long as you yield to pedestrians (there may even be some language about walking your bike past pedestrians, I can’t remember) and there’s some weird exception about not if the buildings are not set back a certain amount. I think so that it excludes downtown where buildings are right up to the sidewalk, there’s no margin to pass and no visibility at corners. Of course, downtown is where I take my life in my hands riding my bike on the street. We need bike lanes!

  10. I think I need to see about some jersey sheets. I’ve only got the regular cotton ones, and flannel. An in-between weight would be nice.

    But wasn’t it just the other day that we were talking about taking OFF the flannel sheets and switching back to summer-weight cotton? Ack.

  11. What a wonderful opportunity for some cool public art, creating interesting bike racks!

    Changing the sheets is always an entertaining chore when there are cats in the house. 8^)

  12. “Ignore the lumps under the sheet” and ya know, don’t forget to feed the lumps just cuz they’re not there doesn’t mean they don’t get hungry! 🙂

  13. Just try to keep a blanket away from my kids. Puck has three or four on his bed at any one time. However, he only sleeps under a sheet.

  14. Very cool bike racks. You know, it seems there are zillions of people riding on the sidewalks around here. I don’t get it. I know the traffic is scary, but running me over while I stroll into town, when supposedly safe on the sidewalk just isn’t cool.

  15. great bike racks.
    maybe you can convince someone in Olympia to actually put up more than one in a ten block radius.. (hmmm.)

    love those “lumps” on the bed. hmmm.. looks like home.

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