Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 59th (The Return of the Return of Torso Guy)

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be catching up with Torso Guy.

shame was that he didn’t

. He’d thought about

to his girlfriend about the problem, but then

and wondering just

would distract him. He’d always believed there should be

, until his girlfriend told him that, due to his condom fails, he’d better get ready for a





. Having

anymore, Ayden (aka Torso Guy) gave up on his

and settled into

with his now wife and Shayno.

The end. Thanks to Wren Boudreau for finding the non-cover in today’s post!

“………………….” -Mayhem

37 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 59th (The Return of the Return of Torso Guy)”

  1. I noticed in the condom instructions they recommend you tie off. Have we not had this discussion with regard to m/m a million times and everyone claims no one does that? No one is following the correct instructions? How else can the evil woman steal your condom full of swimmers, freeze it and then frame you for rape later? (I watch too much Law & Order.) I love how 15 and 16 have to be spelled out, as if the students would somehow miss that step and just proceed right from putting it on to taking it off again. LOL

    I think Ayden should dump the chick and he should live happily ever after with Shayno.
    A recent post from Tam..Its Hammer TimeMy Profile

  2. LOL! Instruction 22 – Really? It has to be put in an instruction. And instruction 21 – judging from my years at a waste treatment plant, most people throw them in the toilet.

    Poor May looks stunned.
    A recent post from Sydney..Between Snow StormsMy Profile

  3. Whew. You can’t imagine what sort of things were going through my head when you mentioned that I was “an important part” of today’s post.

    Figures that Tam would bring up the tying-it-off thing. πŸ˜€

  4. Brilliant – & love the condom instructions (although for those obtaining them from the student health centre in step 1, it seems to have missed out the fill with water & drop from height step).

  5. Very amusing Chris :). This has to be one of the more coherent ‘misadventures’ for a while. Loved the ménage twist to the end of the story, although I think I’m with Tam and he should ditch the girl and run off into the sunset with Shayno :).
    A recent post from Jenre..Into the Flames by Morgan LeeMy Profile

  6. I love the Jenna Byrnes book – made me laugh…

    I see May is in shock at the almost nekkid man you have up in here…

    Off to check out one or two of those titles …That Marten Weber one looks interesting..


  7. LMAO
    Poor Torso guy, he probably wishes he’d payed more attention to the 22 steps.
    But I have to say that this recycling in book covers is getting out of hand. It seems like there are some guys who appear on the covers all the time. No matter if it’s m/m, menage or m/f, or what the genre is, or whether he (looks like)/slightly resembles the character in the book. Would it be to much to as that if the hottie in the book is a blue-eyed blond, that the cover doesn’t have a dark and brooding latino type? Just saying.

  8. Good one! For a minute there I was worried that I was about to see the cover of one of my books thrown in the mix. I had to run and check that it wasn’t, in fact, Torso Guy gracing the cover of Angel. (It could be his cousin, though.)

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