E is for…

Expansion, stash. Boy, did I ever fall off the Stashalong wagon.

“Mmmm… yarn on the floor.”

Edit: Due to multiple requests for information on the yarn, here’s what we have, clockwise and starting with the skein Chaos is sniffing. That’s Sleeping Dragon sock yarn, color Purple Night, from A Swell Yarn Shop. Next are two skeins of Fleece Artist (colors H and MR) from Simply Socks. Then a skein of superwash sock yarn (color Carnival) from Brooklyn Handspun. Next are two skeins of Treadsoft sock yarn (colors Black Pearl and RoseGarden2) from ebay seller lotusblossom. Finally, two skeins of Schaefer Anne (colors Purple Waters and Watercolors), also from A Swell Yarn Shop. Whee!

“Wow, I really can’t believe how much yarn is here.”

Earplugs, a must-have so that the cat-owning urban condo dweller can get some decent sleep.

Espresso. Really, what needs to be said? Ahh….

Exercise. Alas, I have shamefully neglected my exercise routine this winter.

“I don’t think this looks too complicated. If only you’d adjust the pedals for me…”

53 thoughts on “E is for…”

  1. They should make kitty treadmills with a dangling mouse as incentive. πŸ™‚ There you go. Invent that and you could be RICH. With Chaos as a spokescat you can’t lose.

  2. Oh Chaos is so cute in the exercise bike! Does he really make a lot of noise at night?

    Yep, you did fall off the wagon but at least you did it in style πŸ™‚

  3. You fell off the wagon – I’m about ready to jump off! I have a really stressful couple of weeks and I’m thinking of rewarding myself with a kit from Poetry in Stitches…..

  4. Chris~~Why do you do this to me!?!?! Not only am I on a stash busting sock knitting KAL, but I am also on a yarn diet!!!! How can I stay true to my diet when you are flashing all these yummy yarns–and with links to where I can get them?! ;o)

  5. whee! look at all those yarnshop links – thanks for sharing them. i think that you can be forgiven for the stash expansion exercise πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow, that was a large thud! I so want to fall of the wagon . . . but I’m so close, and you told me about it in the first place . . . waaaaaaaah!

    Pretty yarn tho. =)

  7. You really did do it up big. Don’t you love Karen’s yarn (Sleeping Dragon)? She brought some to SnB last night and I feel for it. I think it’s the same color, too!

  8. “wow, I really can’t believe how much yarn is here… and it’s mine, all mine!” Chaos is too cute!
    My kitty is a manx mix with a little nub for a tail; I’m pretty sure she would be so jealous of the stash enhancement photo – yarn on the floor and a tail, that Chaos sure has it all!
    I second Margene, Karen’s Sleeping Dragon yarn is fabulous.

  9. I love Chaos on that treadmill! and oddly enough, those earplugs. I’ve got some in my purse. What? I have verra good hearing and loud noise drives me insane.

    Did. not. look. at. yarn.

  10. Whew! You fell off the Stashalong wagon with style! πŸ˜‰ I love that Schaefer Anne. And your espresso machine!! A girl after my own heart. πŸ˜‰ Thank goodness for caffeine! Take care, Chris! πŸ™‚

  11. “E” is also for: “entertaining” – what you and Chaos are for me every day, “enigma” what Chaos is to lots of non-internet-enabled cats, “ecclectic” – your sock yarn acollection, “excited” – for our knitting get together on the 19th!!

  12. Great colours! I like the Fleece Artist too, it looks like it has a wonderful quality for socks!


    Chaos trying out the exercise equipment is too funny ;o) I don’t think he’ll get the hang of it anytime soon. But then, he IS a cat… I can imagine him saying: ‘It isn’t exercise unless I can knock it over, bat it under a cabinet, or chew the tail off of it ;o)’

  13. Don’t let Chaos operate the controls! LOL!

    Hey if you’re going to fall off the Stashalong, at least do it right, and you definitely did it right. Nice yarn!

  14. Hey there Chris! Love the stash expedition. Stashalong, schmashalong, I say! (Okay, not really as I’m trying to tone down the stash this year … ) Love that post you made a few posts ago about your blogalogue. πŸ™‚ PS, can you send me your address? In a non-stalker kind of way. (jeniferorama AT gmail DOT com) Thanks! ….

  15. Love all of your new yarn and no wonder you couldn’t resist it. Chaos looks like he is enjoying excercising too.

  16. Way to go! What a fab way to fall off the wagon. Gorgeous yarn. I’m jealous.

    At least your exercise bike is getting used, maybe not by you but looks to me like Chaos is having a ball πŸ™‚

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