E is for…

Expansion, stash. Boy, did I ever fall off the Stashalong wagon.

“Mmmm… yarn on the floor.”

Edit: Due to multiple requests for information on the yarn, here’s what we have, clockwise and starting with the skein Chaos is sniffing. That’s Sleeping Dragon sock yarn, color Purple Night, from A Swell Yarn Shop. Next are two skeins of Fleece Artist (colors H and MR) from Simply Socks. Then a skein of superwash sock yarn (color Carnival) from Brooklyn Handspun. Next are two skeins of Treadsoft sock yarn (colors Black Pearl and RoseGarden2) from ebay seller lotusblossom. Finally, two skeins of Schaefer Anne (colors Purple Waters and Watercolors), also from A Swell Yarn Shop. Whee!

“Wow, I really can’t believe how much yarn is here.”

Earplugs, a must-have so that the cat-owning urban condo dweller can get some decent sleep.

Espresso. Really, what needs to be said? Ahh….

Exercise. Alas, I have shamefully neglected my exercise routine this winter.

“I don’t think this looks too complicated. If only you’d adjust the pedals for me…”

53 thoughts on “E is for…”

  1. Oooh, yummy yarns! I’ll be doing the dyeing this weekend.
    I’m an infp, btw.
    argh, I’ve just discovered two days later I haven’t entered this comment….

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