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If the fox in sox counted his sox, how many sox would the fox rox?

Lynda is hosting Count Your Socks, which will give us all a chance to simply show off all our socks or win a fabulous prize for having knit the most pairs of socks during the year. Why I am participating? Simply for the fun of it (and to see whose house I need to run a sock raid on, of course). I’m starting with 17 pair – nothing compared to Theresa’s amazing 39 pair!

“Why are there more socks on the floor than usual?! And wow, most of them are clean. Now that’s a change.”
“I wonder how many socks there are?”
“You are growing sleepy. When you wake up, you will remember only that there were more socks than you’ve ever seen in your life.”

My Stashalong begins

Thanks, everyone for your kind words on my Falling Leaves socks!

To start my Stashalong, I’m going to knit… Jaywalkers. Hey, I feel kinda left out – I’ve seen so many gorgeous Jaywalkers that I want my very own pair.

I started out winding some well-aged yarn from my stash. With help, of course…

“What’s this nifty new toy on my favorite chair?”
“Is this edible? Hmm, let me just find out…”

After the help was dismissed to the bathroom for a few minutes, I ended up with two lovely balls of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Purl. This yarn was purchased in 2001. Told you it was well-aged! 🙂

The really funny thing was me discovering that I have nearly the same shade in Koigu KPPPM (color P305) and in Koigu Kersti. Hopefully no one doubts my need to be in Stashalong. Anyway! I started my Black Purl Jaywalkers during a two-hour staff meeting this afternoon and made good progress, as assessed by Chaos:

“Tastes like… sheep. Mmmm…. sheep.”