14 thoughts on “Mysterious large black blob showing up in photos – send help”

  1. That is an awfully familiar blob…. *turns head upside-down to look at it*

    It’s an absolute wonder you have knit 17 pairs of socks with Chaos around ;o)

  2. Heh Rhelynn – Did you do a handstand on your desk? Great visual!

    I swear I couldn’t knit at home for the first year that I had that cat. He’s much better now (hmm, that might not be saying a whole lot, eh?!). Taking pictures of knitting is just to fascinating to resist – especially when there are knitting needles and yarn bits involved.

    Not that you can tell from the picture, but I’m really liking how the Lorna’s Laces Black Purl is knitting up in this pattern.

  3. Hmm… the same thing happened to me today (black blob in blog post)! Mysterious indeed…

    Those Black Purl jaywalkers are looking lovely.

  4. The socks really are knitting up nicely (and quick). You have my admiration on the circular-needle sock knitting.

    I’m an ‘owl’, I have one of those necks that twists that way naturally *j/k (mostly)*

  5. Thanks for the nice words re: the socks – Monday evening I should be all set to cast on the second sock. The first sock will still be on the needles – I’ll knit the second sock to the same point and then keep switching back and forth until they get too tall or I run out of yarn.

  6. Can you fit your foot into your shoe with that black blob on it?

    Used to have a cat. He’d climb on my lap while I was on the computer and touch the screen…

  7. I love it! That’s the cutest black blob I have ever seen. Chaos, Thanks for the birthday song! Hope Jeanne didn’t mind sharing it.

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