If the fox in sox counted his sox, how many sox would the fox rox?

Lynda is hosting Count Your Socks, which will give us all a chance to simply show off all our socks or win a fabulous prize for having knit the most pairs of socks during the year. Why I am participating? Simply for the fun of it (and to see whose house I need to run a sock raid on, of course). I’m starting with 17 pair – nothing compared to Theresa’s amazing 39 pair!

“Why are there more socks on the floor than usual?! And wow, most of them are clean. Now that’s a change.”
“I wonder how many socks there are?”
“You are growing sleepy. When you wake up, you will remember only that there were more socks than you’ve ever seen in your life.”

19 thoughts on “If the fox in sox counted his sox, how many sox would the fox rox?”

  1. Wow! Now that is something I aspire to! I think I just need to get a bigger bag and start carring a sock project with me at all times!!

  2. I’ve never counted my socks. Do I get to count the ones that were given away? I’ve knit waay more than I have, and it is this issue that is fueling my sock knitting crisis — my socks are getting ready to fall apart. Hmm, on second thought, maybe I’ll just raid your drawer.

  3. That is an impressive pile of socks. Do singletons count? Do the ones where I neglected to a) figure out the gauge or b) not notice they were man-sized and then try to felt them to my size count?

    What was I saying? Oh, yes. Many many socks. Chaos want a treat?

  4. For those of you who are contemplating bribing Chaos to get my socks – he doesn’t like kitty treats… and I’m going to be careful to mention what constitutes a Chaos treat now!! ;p

    Kelly – Um, that swirly purple pair 2nd from the right?? That would be pair o’ socks number 2 ever… Hmm, that yarn was something I got from the knitswap list and I don’t remember anything else about it, alas.

  5. “Wow, I just saw more socks than I’ve ever seen in my life … I just saw more socks …” must – break – spell — really, that’s a lot! Nice job! I only have four. I really need at least 13 more now. And fyi: the whole point of blogging is to live vicariously through other peoples’ yarn purchases. So, enjoy! I just spent $100 at Personal Threads! 🙂

  6. WOW. I’m in awe of your fab collection of socks. This is one contest I cannot enter as the number of socks I’ve knit comes out to a big fat ZERO. (Do booties count? Didn’t think so.)

  7. I have never knit socks before but I’m tempted now. I started knitting a frivolous fun scarf last night as I’m too tired to concentrate properly on my new cardigan and the spangly wool I chose for it seems to get all the cats very excited.

    Cuddles to Chaos!

  8. How does one get that button onto one’s sidebar? I don’t see where I can get the html code, all I get is a GIF, and I don’t know how to use that…???


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