In which I find a scary book

This book would be funnier if this wasn’t on the first page:

“You know you’re spoiling your cat when… your cat is on the Internet.”
Oh oh.
“Don’t believe it, Mom! And definitely don’t read any more of that book! Here, I’ll just eat the book and solve the problem.”

30 thoughts on “In which I find a scary book”

  1. I’ve got to find that book. Not that I love cats or have them. But just for the fun factor. Each day I pull off another page of my cat calendar. It’s a “bad cat” kind. Has photos with Names/Crimes/Distinguishing Features/etc. Some are a hoot!

  2. i left my kitties for the weekend (to see their daddy), and I was plagued with guilt-ridden nightmares about sick and dead kitties! It was terrible!!! No – it is impossible to love the kitties too much (despite their protestations when I give them hugs!)

  3. Hmm, spoilt cats get on the internet, heh. They wouldn’t even know what it is. Well I’d prefer to spoil mine than chuck em out into the street!
    Love the strawberry fields hat, and thanks for the link to the loopy cast on – I’ve blogged about it 🙂

  4. Oh dear – that’s hilarious. I think I’m in trouble too, given the name of my blog contains the name of my cat too 😉 I think I might have to get me a copy of this little book 🙂

  5. Heh ;o) Don’t believe that book!

    You know, providing daily pictures of Chaos is providing a great service to bloggers everywhere ;o) Especially the likewise knitting-and-crazy-cat-owning ones!

  6. HI!

    that’s it.

    i love that book.

    can i make a book about the things that i love? do you think people would read it?

    chaos would be in it of course so i know i’ve sold one copy.

  7. Internet cats… a whole new breed! 😉 My sister has one of that variety, too- she literally has hundreds of pics of her cat on a Flickr account. Cats as cute as your little one deserve web space, so turn a blind eye to that page! 😉 Your strawberry hat is adorable, too! We seem to read many of the same blogs… I see you everywhere I go in Blogland, so I thought I’d hop on over and say hello! Take care! 🙂

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