Strawberry fields forever

Blame Jeanne… I’m not sure I would ever have thought of putting a hat on Chaos if it wasn’t for Jeanne’s cats in preemie hats pictures… Yes, I did wash the strawberry hat after this photo shoot – the new dad is allergic to cats (poor thing).

“Are you sure this hat is flattering, Mom?! I’m not sure that red is my color.”

“Really? Chicks will dig me in this hat? Oh, ok then.”

“Hmm, let me try a little ‘come hither’ look.”

“Oh no! I can’t be seen with fur out of place!! Let me just touch up this spot…”

“…so… sleepy…”

46 thoughts on “Strawberry fields forever”

  1. That’s just too much! He actually likes it!

    About my sweater — of course the cat hair that finds its way into every row just makes it more beautiful, dontcha know…

  2. LOL I love his ‘come hither’ look — very persuasive Chaos! I won’t let my girls look at the screen, for that reason, and they might think they need hats too ;o)

    Thanks for the Illustration Friday link, Chris. I’ll have to try that!

  3. Is that bamboo yarn?

    I can’t BELIEVE he just sits there with that hat on! Are you sure he isn’t a reincarnated Super Model?


  4. My friend Faith cannot believe Chaos is actually wearing that hat for more than five seconds. Her cats would destroy her if she tried to dress them up. The “Come Hither” picture is our favorite!

  5. The one with his tongue out is hilarious! I have to say that with the hat kind of sliding off his head he looks like he’s drunk.

    The sleepy kitty shot is very cute!

    Oh, and the hat! The hat is adorable.

  6. chris,
    Those pics of choas are priceless. He’s got to be one of the photogenic cats on the net!He is the BOMB!! thanks for sharing chaos. Those pics are keep me smiling all day!

  7. You have got to send some pics to Cute Overload. In fact, Chaos could have his own section……boy he looks happy in that hat – which looks fab by the way!

    Realised I hadn’t congratulated you on your hourglass sweater. It looks fab – the yarn looks amazing even in the photo. Well done you. Maybe I’ll get round to making one eventually…..

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