Shhh! Sleeping Kitty Zone!

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    • Last night, I was harmlessly sitting in my bathroom when Chaos, apparently attempting to leap out of the tub and chase after May, got tangled in the shower curtain and fell into the water dish.
    • What? You don’t have a kitty water dish in your bathroom? What happens when they lock themselves into the bathroom when you’re not home? (The toilet is kept closed to keep kitties from playing in it, so it’s not available as a water source.)
    • The kitty treat trick worked very well on Chaos (aka Mr. Food Motivated).
    • He started to get a clue as he was zipped in, but it was too late! *bwahaha*
    • May suspected something was amiss and didn’t jump into the other carrier, but she was too slow to flee the scene. *bwahaha*
    • Verdict #1 from the vet: tartar! Both kitties will need to go back to get their teeth cleaned.
    • Verdict #2 from the vet: May continues to maintain her perfect self (quote from the vet on a prior visit: “She poops rainbows!”), but Chaos…
    • Chaos needs to lose a pound and… has an ear wax issue.
    • Back on the prescription vitamin D, hi-ho, hi-ho.
    • Still waiting on the official test results letter from my doctor to see what else might be awry.
    • Hmm. Not hiding that I’m in a bit of a mood very well, am I?
    • So… Tell me something that will cheer me up! Anyone who leaves a cheering comment on this post by 6 pm CDT, April 11, will have the chance to win their choice of one of the following mix cds: Coffee, Everybody Wants To Be a Cat, Eh Canada, Werewolf Moon, Vampire Life, Books, or ManLove. Winner will be selected by random number. [CONTEST CLOSED]

    *…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…* -Chaos

    58 thoughts on “Shhh! Sleeping Kitty Zone!”

    1. My cat’s (Ashes) water bowl is in the bathroom also. She won’t drink it in the kitchen, where her food bowl is. I’ve tried. Her cat litter is in the bathroom and I always thought that animals didn’t want to drink or eat where they pooped. I put it in the bathroom when I found her drinking out of the toilet. By the way, I got her as an adult from the Humane Society and don’t know what her previous owners made her do.

    2. Now that I think I might pay to watch, kitties getting their teeth cleaned. Does th vet and/or vet assistant come in wearing full chain maille armor? I think wearing chain maille around dental equipment could be dangerous, think of it water spurting everywhere, chain maille gets rusty, vet or assistant get stuck in a very interesting pose as they try to run away from the non-rainbow pooping kitty. Of course maybe cat dental instruments are not as watery as human dental equipment can be. Are there little white ceramic sinks next to the examing table so that the kitties have somewhere to spit during the cleaning. Can you tell I have this whole scenario playing out in my head because I’m tired of renaming files for work and I have an overactive imagination today.

      Hope the report from the human doctor comes back well, and not in chain maille armor.
      .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..I live with a drummer…. =-.

    3. I’ve been singing the Donut Song all day. My mother stopped by earlier and sand it with me. My cats always love it, too.

      It’s written on the rainbow, in letters made of gold
      Written on the rainbow, there’s wisdom to behold
      My friend the little sparrow flew
      Close enough to see
      Written on a rainbow is this philosophy.

      When you walk the streets you’ll have no cares
      If you walk the lines and not the squares
      As you go through life make this your goal
      Watch the donut, not the hole.

      PM me and I’ll sing it for it. It really is a happy song.
      .-= Karen B.´s last blog ..We are everywhere! =-.

    4. Hi Chris! Glad to be in touch again!

      Felix gives his carrier a wide berth whenever he sees it. I’ve had it sitting in the foyer for a month now, hoping he’d nap in it; it’s too traumatic for him, LOL!

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