Random Post of Randomness and Poop

  • I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that our two weeks of glorious sunshine have given way to a week (so far) of clouds and rain.
  • I miss the sun.
  • The snow is mostly gone, since it’s also been unseasonably warm.
  • I think I’m preparing for the start of Daylight Savings Time this weekend by already feeling tired.
  • Ok, I’m back. The previous reminded me that some of contests from yesterday’s linkity post actually end in EDT/CDT instead of EST/CST. All fixed now.
  • I have started a new pair of socks.
  • I’m already past the heel and into the leg on the first sock!
  • Too bad my sister-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m sure she really wants two completed socks instead of one sock, 2/3 done.
  • Earlier this week, I was sitting innocently on my couch, type typing away on my laptop when a yowling black blur of stench hurtled past me and shit-o-caust arrived in my living room.
  • *blink blink*
  • What caused this most horrible and inauspicious event?
  • Chaos exiting the litterbox at high speed with poop attached to his butt by one of my hairs that he’d consumed.
  • He was, apparently, fleeing in terror from the poop chasing him.
  • I must have missed the chapter in the cat owner’s manual where it prepared you to have to chase down your pet as he fled from his own poop, hold him down, and clean his butt with toilet paper.
  • Because? I’m pretty sure I’d have remembered that chapter.

“Have no doubt that I will get you for sharing that, Mom. And also? It never happened.” -Chaos

59 thoughts on “Random Post of Randomness and Poop”

  1. On the bright side, the sun will come back. Here, however, we’re heading into winter and the sun will be around less…although not as bad when I lived in the UK ­čÖé

    Poor Chaos *hugs* And Chris…I hope Chaos wasn’t spreading his…um…problem while rampaging…
    .-= orannia├é┬┤s last blog ..Almost… =-.

  2. She doesn’t want one 2/3 done sock? Whyever not? ­čÖé

    The things we do for our pets…I hope you both recovered from the traumatic experience!
    .-= Patti´s last blog ..Sexytime? =-.

  3. There was nothing in the baby manual about your beautiful little angel barfing all over her bed and your hands and peeing on your shoe en route to the baby bath, either. I think I would have remembered that chapter as well.

    What is this “sun” for which you pine?
    .-= trek´s last blog ..In which trek follows =-.

  4. OMG. I’m killing myself.

    We had to give up tinsel on our Christmas tree because we were finding poop garlands connected with shiny silver. Luckily it didn’t freak them out though.

  5. Oh, terd-in-the-butt sucks. We used to call Shelli “poo foot” b/c she had a parasite when we got her that caused her to have diahrreah and got it on her feet. She jumped up on Joey to give him loves and got poo on his shirt.

    Poo-stuck-to-the-butt incidences have left us finding a terd on the ottoman and on the windowsill in her room. It’s like a joke in our house now;).
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Did Anyone Watch House Tonight? =-.

  6. OK so you started my Friday just perfect. Figured I would share my own animal poop story. My boyfried at the time came in on a Sunday morning, before church to eat and whatever, I had a bird that we called the super shooter, said BF gave said Bird a treat before first POO and super shooter shot him. It was the funniest thing ever, he then married me, so it could not have been so bad.

  7. At least you managed to chase down the poop before Chaos decided to wipe it off himself on one of your carpets/towels/favorite-items-of-clothing…
    .-= Marsha´s last blog ..Life update =-.

  8. Poor boy! My SIL’s boxer once got into the trash after I’d fried eggplants and ate all the greasy paper towels…. It was a similar scene the next morning. And I have the photographic evidence, SIL all dressed up for her daughter’s 1st communion, plastic bag covered arm, trying to help the “issue”.
    .-= lisa´s last blog ..snow melt contest! =-.

  9. LOL – that pic of Chaos says it all.

    I am DREADING DST. Of course it happens during March Break, when my kids will be good n’ cranky on my time.

  10. “fleeing in terror from the poop chasing him”


    Ahem. Sorry. I hope you’re all over the trauma.

  11. We have that episode at least once a week with Django! The dog won’t stop consuming cloth. Seriously he’s eaten about 10% of our bedspread. Of course we don’t ever have to chase him down, because when ever he has poop still attached he comes running in like a bat out of hell finds me and jumps on me. This happened again last night at 11:00 p.m. So I have to hold him down while Nick cleans the poop. Ahhhh the things we put up with to be loved by our pets.
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..A Very Talented Woman =-.

  12. ha ha ha!! It might’ve been in the basement black cat owners manual that they forget to give us, b/c i’ve had to perform that operation more times than I’d like to admit. I even own a pair of snub nosed scissors JUST for that auspicious occasion.

  13. Okay, why does the term sh*t & giggles ring in my ears…

    On the downlow Chaos… puppies do that too.

    Hope you are enjoying your day Chris!

  14. ROFL!!! Poor Chaos. Luckily my Kitty goes outside since I’m sure it’s probably happened to her too, what with three of us having long hair at one time or another.

    I feel your pain about the weather. It’s been raining here the past two days, yuk!

  15. Wow. I am trying not to giggle. Our kitty used to play with rubber bands (and by used to, I mean would if we put any of them in an accessible location), and we were afraid she was eating them. We spent a bit of time box watching, but at least she never came tearing through the house with poo flying like a kite from her butt.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..a day of meetings =-.

  16. Poor Chaos. One of our pups mamanaged to swallow about a yard of yarn once, and there was a similar reaction when it started to pass. There he was running up and down the hall (fortunately he was peenned at the time) with the poop trailing about a foot behind at the end of the yarn like a demented pull-toy. Add the sound track of YI YI YI YI YI to get the whole effect.

  17. It could be worse. At least Chaos might learn to never eat your hairs again. My mom’s cat is a longhair… which means that he either needs to get his butt-fur trimmed, or we have episodes of cat-chased-by-poop fairly regularly… And neither of those options are pleasant.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Perfect Timing =-.

  18. I like having more light in the evening, and I wish all year were DST. The switch is killer, and I think daylight is wasted in the morning.

    I hope all of you have recovered from the trauma that may or may not have happened. Would it have been worse hacked up as a big hairball?
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Week in Photos =-.

  19. Yeah, that definitely wasn’t in the adoption paperwork I filled out. Because if it were, I not only would have had to put my head between my knees (which I did due to anxiety) I would have passed out.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..New Sweater =-.

  20. At least I just have to deal with the dog who eats crayons. We find him too often walking around with a crayon sticking out of his mouth like a dangling cigarette. I think the wax in them acts like a “digestive aid” and keeps him regular. It makes for colorful poop, though!

    I take it from your sock progress that your socks are toe up?
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..A Cover, a Video, some Excerpts, and an Update =-.

  21. We call them “klingons” at my house. Luckily, only Phoebe gets them cuz her fur’s so long. But it’s also harder to clean because she’ll butt scoot the second she’s out of the box. Scissors are usually required.
    .-= Dotty´s last blog ..miscellany Monday =-.

  22. OMG, Chris! I think liquid flew out of my nose while reading that. Too funny. And I can laugh about it because it’s happened to me too. Cleaning up your cat like that definitely proves your devotion.

  23. I’ve had to wipe poop off of my cat too. Why are they so afraid of their own poop, besides the smell? That was so funny.

  24. Ah, the poop garland…there’s nothing like it.

    Rowan thinks eating anything stringy is a great idea…my hair, yarn, embroidery floss, sewing thread. I’m painfully familiar with the horror.

    Kids are the same way. When my youngest was a toddler, he used to try to run away from his puke when he got sick. It never worked out well for either of us.

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