Sunday, sunny Sunday

Thought I would include several more pictures of Chaos in the hat. I don’t think he was annoyed… Don’t forget that this is the cat who likes to walk around with a paper bag on his head. The hat was probably just a warmer, fuzzier, more colorful paper bag from his perspective!

Just hanging out on my…er, his chair.
Note that he’s licking my hand, not biting it!

Yesterday I drove down to St. Peter to have lunch with a friend. It was a gorgeous, sunny day – something we’ve had all too few of in Minnesota recently. After lunch, we always wander over to the Tangled Skein, which has a very nice yarn selection (but no website, alas). Notice the lovely hot pink and orange Noro Kureyon on the right, Mama_Tulip?!

The Tangled Skein also had loads of Malabrigio, which I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t ever seen before. It was wonderfully soft.

Here’s a close-up of the orange for you, Mama_Tulip:

Alas, I remained true to Stashalong and took only pictures from the store…

37 thoughts on “Sunday, sunny Sunday”

  1. Ahhhh, Chaos is so cute and what a good puddy tat for being so sweet tempered. I’m admiring how you managed to not buy any yarn when faced with that wall of Noro, I would have had a case of the shakes and some furtive buying!

  2. The pictures are pretty satifying though. Maybe that is what I need to do when I go to yarn stores, just take pictures of what I want to come home with me.

  3. Wow, you withstood the siren song of Noro and Malabrigo. I’ve stayed true to the Stashalong, but haven’t been brave enough to enter a yarn store yet.

  4. I haven’t been able to go into a yarn store either–and that stuff–WOW, you have shown remarkable restraint in the face of such temptation 🙂 Noro is a weakness of mine and Tangled Skein looks like it has a great selection. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the pics of Chaos. Both me and Felix are laughing.

    Taking pictures of the yarn, in the shop is a good idea; Maybe it will slow down my spending. I can stare at my pictures instead

  6. OMG- I love the pictures of Chaos with the bag on his head!! I used to have a roommate who had a cat who liked to run around with Pringles cans on its head.

  7. Chaos is such a comedian. I would have found it very hard to resist all that beautiful yarn – we don’t have such a lovely choice here in the UK. I did see a website here with Noro though which is so so tempting especially since today’s knitting pattern was a felted bag.

  8. Chaos is an excellent ‘cat in the hat’…his glossy blackness sets off those blues to perfection.

    There are certainly days i wish I could wander around with a paper bag over my head….

  9. Stay strong, sister! I’ve been in my LYS a couple of times, very hard to leave without something ‘following’ me home.

  10. That top pic is hilarious. Chaos is obviously either still a kitten or is a complete Ham/camera slut.


    The yarn pics are drool-worthy. You’ll make a convert of Katherine yet…


  11. Mmmmmmm… yarn! Great pictures! I really miss not having a LYS here in the boondocks :o( I’ll have to live recklessly through the pictures of others!

    Chaos is a ham! He must specifically go through these actions to get published!

  12. Ah. Now I don’t have to make a trip to Seattle any time soon. I can just pop on over here to get my Noro viewing fix. I could have sworn I said I’d never knit with Kureyon again!

  13. Ok so not all cats are like mine.
    If I had tries to put a hat on mine I would be in A&E :-). Glad to hear that you managed not to fall off the stashalong wagon.

  14. That Noro wall would have been way to much temptation for me! love those COLORS!

    Let me know if you decide on the Project Spectrum – it could work well with the Stashalong 😉

    Have a good one!

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  16. Yep, that Chaos is definitely weird. There’s no way you’d be able to take pics of him in his hat ensemble if HE did not allow you 🙂

    And did you have to show us all those lovely stash pics – we don’t have those gorgeous bright Noro colours in the UK – WHY I don’t know. What are they saying about us Brits?

    You’re not alone in not having made the Hourglass Sweater. Me neither!

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