28 thoughts on “The Cat in the Hat”

  1. You know those mesh bags that you use for your delicates when you do a load of laundry? Like, camis and stockings and delicate undies?

    I used to shove my cat in there and carry him around the house.


  2. chaos –

    i see your human amuses herself with the “dress up” game. don’t worry. when we implement our plan, we’ll see who likes “dress up” then.

    – cricket

  3. Tell Chaos he is definitely a Winter, and has a great career as a model ahead of him.

    That is, if he doesn’t join The Cat and grow up to be a Panther. In which case you had better get a new place to live. Quick.


  4. I am assuming that you won’t be posting any photos of the scratch marks inflicted during the taking of this photograph?
    Chaos doesn’t look at all happy. He obviously prefers to lie on knitting than wear it 🙂

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