Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Tenth: Oh oh)

So I’m starting to get this sinking feeling that maybe this is actually Slouching Open Black Jacket Guy with better posture and no jacket… Thoughts?! Until I’m sure (or you’re sure and convince me), meet Looking Down Guy. His hobbies include home remodeling,

collecting rent,

horseback riding,


hanging out with the guys,

taking moonlit walks,

being snowbound in the mountains,

raising werewolves,

I really wish I knew what this cover had been… all I know was that it was eXtasy Books…

and hanging out with Candy Cane Guy, helping him move

and decorate for the holidays. (Whoops! It’s Slave Boy in this next picture)

He also seems to be a bit torn between darkness

and light.

I wonder which way he’ll go? 🙂

“…zzzzzzz… Wha…? Mom, what are you doing? You aren’t taking more pictures of me, are you?” -Chaos

37 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Tenth: Oh oh)”

  1. Well, if he’s smart he’ll go to the dark side and ditch the chicks permanently.

    Hanging with Candy Cane guy, jeez he gets around.

  2. Maybe he’s a bit ashamed of being such a cover slut and can’t make eye contact anymore?

    Maybe he’s looking down so he can pretend it’s really a man he’s going to be with and not a girl?

    Aww, Chaos is such a cutie.

  3. Well…you can bet whichever way he chooses, he’s not gonna bother to look up.

    I think Lily has a good point about his shame over being a cover slut. Maybe he, Candy Cane Guy and OBJG can start a cover model therapy group especially since there seems to be so much confusion about which way they swing.

    I’m so glad Chaos isn’t confused about coming down on the side of darkness. 🙂

  4. Chris
    i bow to your genius. It looks to me like he’s checking to see if his equipment is still there. Or wondering if his package is big enough.

  5. Well, he certainly is indecisive! But I do think he may be slouchy, black jacket guy. You have to take off the jacket to have the wings.

    Chaos, I think you can sue Chris for defamation of “badass black kitty” character. You deserve many kitty treats.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Kitty No. 34 and some Stripey Socks =-.

  6. Well it looks like slouching guy’s hair. I’m starting to worry about slouching guy’s posture. 😉

    Poor Chaos can’t get a decent catnap in.

  7. I knew a guy who always hung his head that way. He always had a bat fluttering around the batcave. And there he is twice (Kate’e Crew, Mistletoe Seductions) with Is That A Zit On My Shoulder Guy, which if the neck chain does not deceive, is really Candy Cane Guy(?). I like the Kate’s Crew cover, it reminds me of a sugerless gum commercial “Three out of five men can’t stand to look at Kate!”

  8. Awww how cute!!!!! Sha!

    Girl, you have me dying over here – my side is killing me!! These post are hilarious! And I agree, he must have one hellva crick in his neck. Maybe his next books will be something related to the doctor field! LMBO!!!

  9. I love the fact that you spotted this. It has me laughing out loud and reminds me of the game I play when you are watching a movie or TV and you try to remember what else you saw the actor in.
    My first thought as to what he is looking at; he has a shoe fetish. I have to agree “cover slut” is a great phrase so catchy!

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