The story of the cat formerly known as “Hoho”

A few days ago, Kirsten suggested telling the story of Chaos and how he came to live here.

Well, it all started back in the summer of 2003, when my brother, Matt, and his wife, Jess, spent a week in northern Minnesota (known as “up Nord”) at the Life of Riley Resort. The resort was overrun with cats. The owners of the resort encouraged guests to take home any cat that struck their fancy. Matt and Jess were adopted by a young female cat and they decided to bring her home to the Twin Cities. After a five hour drive filled with non-stop yowling, she was theirs.

They named her Riley. During the first week they had her home, they thought she might be gaining a little weight, but they weren’t too worried. During the second week, they started to wonder if they needed to put her on scheduled feedings instead of letting her free feed. During the third week, their roommate finally said, “Sheesh, you guys! Your cat is pregnant!”


So meet Riley:

Time passed. Matt and Jess knew it was nearly time for the kittens to be born when they went out of town on Friday evening and they fully expected to return home to kittens. When they got home, Riley was still pregnant, but pretty distraught. She immediately rushed off to her “den” and within minutes, the two kittens were born. Apparently she’d been waiting all weekend, legs crossed, wishing they would hurry up and get home!

My brother named this kitten “Hoho,” because that’s exactly what he looked like when he was born (although I believe he was squirmier than your typical Hostess bakery product).

This kitten was named “Diablo” for obvious reasons – check out that horn action on his forehead!

They were a happy little family…

Things were pretty exciting at Matt and Jess’s house as the kittens grew.

I visited several times every week to bond with my little black kitten. Although my brother has never acknowledged the name change, I quickly decided that “Hoho” needed to be called “Chaos.”

The plan was for me to bring home Chaos/Hoho sometime in early December. One Friday evening, I received a phone call from Matt, suggesting that if I wanted a live kitten, I should pick him up within the next hour or so.

Whoa. Ok. Off I went to get Chaos and hear the rest of the story… Apparently, the last straw was Chaos teaching Riley and Diablo how to climb the Christmas tree.

He says he didn’t do it.

You can see a few more kitten pictures and some pictures of grown-up Diablo here. Really, I will post about my knitting again very soon. I promise. Trust me.

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