Reverse image of a cat

Thinking maybe weekends will be for gratuitous cat pictures…

Meet Diablo, as he hung out by his water dish at my brother’s birthday celebration yesterday. Diablo is Chaos’s brother. If you look closely at his forehead, you can see two pale grey lines. When Diablo was born, those lines were black and looked like horns – hence the name.

Diablo is pretty much the anti-Chaos in every way. Where Chaos is dark, Diablo is light. Where Chaos is bright, Diablo is dim. Where Chaos has a puny tail, Diablo has an even punier tail…

They were very cute kittens, although you can see that Chaos had more space for a brain than did Diablo:

And here’s my all-time favorite picture of Chaos as a kitten – I like to call it “Panther perching in jade, waiting for unsuspecting prey (aka “dust bunny”) to pass”:

13 thoughts on “Reverse image of a cat”

  1. Thanks! Now, what I haven’t covered in much depth is how nifty it is to have a catghan in the cold northern winters. Jeanne , however, covers it pretty well.

    Not tring to enable you or anything… much. 😉

  2. I learned at a holiday party over the weekend that Devon Rex cats are supposed to be hypo-allergenic. (Can you apply that term to something other than skin care products??)

  3. The kitties are so cute! Oh, to not be allergic!
    I did the slippers one time unfelted and just gifted them. The look on the face of the receiver!! A pair to my SIL almost resulted in back surgery when she hit the kitchen floor running. Oops, forgot to tell her they are a might slippy!

  4. Hypoallergenic cats? I know the hairless one are! I tried to convince the hubby to let us have a hairless terrier, he wasn’t buying it! Hey, his brother had a hairless rat!

  5. My FIL has a hairless cat. He’s an interesting character — he prefers being smacked on the hip instead of petted. I just can’t get used to the looks of him, though. He’s a great cat and very, very soft, but I like my cats with hair. LOL.

  6. Apparently, the Devon Rex does have hair. I’m pretty sure a hairless cat would creep me out. Altho I suppose I would have to knit it wee outfits so it wouldn’t freeze to death in my new heating (or lack thereof) regime…

  7. The kitten pics are oh so cute. I think Chaos is definitely aptly named – he’s got that naughty look in his eye even as a kitten! Aren’t our pets just so much fun 😉

  8. Thanks, RoxyKnits!

    A certain segment of my friends believe that I set myself up for trouble by naming my cat “Chaos.” They figured it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Apparently, if I had named him “Meditative Trance,” I would not now have bungee cords on all my closets.

    I’m not sure about this for several reasons. First, when Chaos was born, my brother named him “Hoho” because he was the exact size, shape, and color of the Hostess snack cakes. My brother calls the cat “Hoho” to this day. Really, I can’t think of many things as inert as a snack cake.

    Second, I don’t think my choice of name would’ve changed the fact that he’s a smart cat who’s always looking to stay occupied. Smart cats are sometimes challenging, but they’re also a lot of fun.

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