39 thoughts on “And lo! the Eye (and Nose) of Mayhem”

  1. I think that’s the cutest cat nose picture I’ve ever seen! I want to leap into my monitor and nuzzle (but I won’t).

  2. I may be biased towards my own little black kitty having the cutest features, but May sure comes close… 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  3. Cat blog. Not Knit blog today!
    LOVE that wittle nose. The eye looks just a tiny bit ticked off…”what ARE you doing MOM?”

  4. The nose got to me turn my head trying to figure out which way it was supposed to go 😉 Nice close-ups! Good modeling job May, too!

  5. Those are BEAUTIFUL! Of course I had to run find Evangeline and smooch her nose (she was mightily annoyed, and has About Had It with the snuzzling going on since we all read about Roy’s crossing of the Rainbow Bridge!) Then of course there had to be an equal snuzzle on Lilliane’s beautiful nose, it’s one of her sweetest features: salmon-y pink with a brown outline (typical of brown tabbies, I guess). My camera won’t do that either, but I’m delighted yours did! Many thanks.

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