Kitties passing across the books, like two ships in the night (huh?)

Yeah, that title is pretty much the level my brain’s at after a day spent comparing cryptic data files at work. *blink blink*

“Doopity doopity doopity do!” -Mayhem

“Hmph. That Mayhem, always trying to get me in trouble. I’ll show her trouble!” -Chaos

Oh oh…

16 thoughts on “Kitties passing across the books, like two ships in the night (huh?)”

  1. I agree with Margene – and May appears ready to do the back foot litter swishing step for the one she is leaving behind.

    I hope that you have a gentle weekend ahead.

  2. Oh Chris… sorry about the “comparing cryptic data files”!!
    The kitties just want to read! Yea, I know they are walking on the books, but maybe they are trying to absorb the book through their tiny precious paws! LOL!!!
    I am agreeing with Tevani… I hope you have a gentle weekend planned! Have a great day… I am hoping!

  3. I spent yesterday annotating a gene and its promoter with all sorts of different response elements and PCR primers. Since there are only four letters to the DNA (a,g,t,c), that can get mind numbing. I hope today is better for you!

  4. I get the same way when I’m doing correlations (I love my column A, but why can’t it match my column B) or other detail work. I love it, and I’m good at it, but it is still murder on the brain.

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