The Great Kitty Grass Massacre of ’09

  • There aren’t any pictures of the Great Kitty Grass Massacre of ’09 because I cleaned up the mess before realizing how bloggable it was.
  • D’oh!
  • Picture light terra cotta tile looking as if it’s morphing into a grass mat, with puked-up kitty grass here and there to add to the ambiance.
  • Now I remember why I don’t buy kitty grass very often.
  • I’m trying to put together a mix cd about books and reading and am having a heckuva time. Any song suggestions?
  • Is it sad that one of the highlights of last week for me was taking my car in to get the tires rotated and telling them about the tire that I thought had a really, really, really slow leak (as in takes six to eight weeks to look lower than the other tires)… and having them find the leak and patch it?
  • Speaking of my car, I’d like to take a moment to have a bit of chat with it.
  • Dear beloved car – I’ve had enough of your intermittent radio shenanigans. If you want to continue receiving premium… Do we have an understanding?
  • We had sunshine and warmth over the weekend!
  • And now it’s raining and cold again.
  • This time, knitting was complicated by an ulnar tunnel flare up.
  • Hmph.
  • Darn, this bulleted list blog post looks a little skimpy, doesn’t it?

“Wha…? Kitty grass? Mess? Must’ve been the big kitty, Mom! Look at how cute I am!” -Mayhem

33 thoughts on “The Great Kitty Grass Massacre of ’09”

  1. Oooo, I know what that’s like. Been there. And it’s why I don’t buy kitty grass any longer. Ick.

    Yes, the boy is getting big! But just as snuggly…

  2. I think your story about a suspected leak that turns out to be true sounds positively triumphant!

    Kitty grass. Say no more. Some cats just puke it up and that can’t be good for them. On the bright side, it’s easier to clean up on puke scale if one is kitty grass and 10 is meat mashed up with pumpkin.

  3. sorry to hear about your ulnar nerve injury. (and my right hand is aching out of compassion). Is it from riding your bike, as the link on Wikipedia suggests?
    I hope its not too long before you can get back to those socks. That’s the yarn you dyed, right?

  4. I would normally agree with sprite about the assessment of Rush, but Tom Sawyer doesn’t really sound like it is about reading or the book titled. There is always the song from the Beauty and Beast musical (I think the song is entitled Belle).

    There are also a few songs from Manowar, including Achilles Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts (which is more about myth than books and reading) and The Warrior’s Prayer, which takes the form of a story. I’m sure I can come up with a few others, though they are likely to be mostly metal music or Lovecraft influenced (one of my friends loves Darkest of the Hillside Thickets).

  5. Poor kitties, and poor clean-up crew. Yeah, the cat grass is only fun for a short while.

    How about “Get Me Away from Here I’m Dying” by Belle & Sebastian? For writing fiction rather than reading fiction, there’s always “The Engine Driver” by the Decemberists.

  6. Mayhem looks like she’s recovering, so I don’t buy the whole “big kitty did it.” But what an unfortunate mess to come home to! When I was a kid, our cat would try to swallow crickets whole, and we’d find a dead cricket next to a pile of kitty sick. Not pretty.

  7. Good grief on the kitty grass! I tried growing it twice but my crew was never interested for more than a day or two.

    Re: the ulnar troubles, I can totally sympathize. That is one of my trouble spots, too, except I have a lesion pressing on the ulnar nerve which causes my fingers to become numb. Give it a stretch and a rest for now. Hope things bounce back.

  8. If you want bookish songs, a PERFECT one is “My Baby Lives A Bunch Of Authors” by Moxy Fruvous. =) Great song. I’ll try to think of more.

    I think my Suzy is one of the few cats that can eat kitty grass (or regular grass, or some houseplants, or corn husks) without getting sick. She just LOVES the stuff.

  9. For the music mix I’m guessing you know of the group The Books seeing as how you are deeper into the music scene than I? Anyway I thought I should mention them on the off chance you were unaware of them. They have some albums on Emusic…

    I’m quite intrigued by the mix. Drew is finalizing this year’s Halloween mix this week and I may do the cover art for it 🙂

  10. Another lovely reason I don’t have cats. lol

    Right on with the slow leak. Usually the mechanics look at me like I’m crazy so it’s great to be RIGHT.

  11. Yikes! I hate cleaning up kitty ickys. One of my cats like to overeat and ick it up in an inconspicuous place the floor (you know where your most likely to step on it before seeing it) at least once a week. 🙁

    Hope you wrist feel better soon. 🙂

  12. LOL! Oh, I would have loved to see the kitty grass massacre. Katie is only allowed to have outdoor grass and I still end up with puked-up grass. No plants are allowed within ferret reach.

    Don’t even mention rain.

  13. My sister grows catnip for her cats, and the big kitty (moochie) every day, two or three times, sits at the front door meowing and won’t budge until someone goes outside and gets him fresh catnip. He tried to get some himself one day, and ended up being stuck outside for a day.

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