Rainy days and Tuesdays…

Woolgirl’s having a contest – pick the yarn color scheme you like best and come up with a name for it before Mother’s Day. Two lucky winners will get skeins of the winning colorway.

If you’re looking for a knitting book review, check out the knitting book review list at Eclectic Closet! Janelle has reviewed nearly 40 knitting books and is always looking for ideas on other knitting books to review.

Jeanne offers more proof (with cat modeling) about bibs being the perfect baby gift.

Remember last Monday when I mentioned we needed more rain? Apparently I should’ve wished for world peace at the same time, too. (At least we’re supposed to have a few days of sunshine now!)

All the rain made May a little crazy.

“Oh no!! Big kitty, it’s happening again, only this time it’s my head! Help!” -Mayhem

38 thoughts on “Rainy days and Tuesdays…”

  1. I heard its going to be 80 and sunny while I’m in Montana. Its always beautiful here when I’m somewhere else.

  2. At least you’re not home all the time, opening the door hundreds of times while the cat makes up his mind whether to go out, or not!

  3. Chris- Let’s not go there with the weather- Toronto is missing Spring altogether, and will head into summer steam bath!

    It’s enough to drive any cat crazy!

  4. Better you than us with the rain! we had it all weekend and now * finally* the sun is shining!All us cave dwellers are walking around pointing at the sky and squinting and saying, ” Shiney ball hurt eyes”

  5. We’ve had an odd year weather wise… yesterday and today look to really mean spring is coming…maybe. Are you sure May hasn’t been sneaking in the coffee beans? 🙂

  6. What a deluge! We actually had some rain in May, which is unusual in California. We aren’t supposed to get any rain now until October. The grass along the roadsides is already brown.

    May has gone bonkers! I suppose Chaos is above such kittenish antics.

  7. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but I can’t tell you what I would do for just one more overcast day of rain around here. It’s only May and it’s already 90+ degrees!!!!

  8. Great rain picture! Your window gave a really neat streak/splatter effect that looks like actual rain coming down in the picture.

  9. Hey, I didn’t know you lived on the We(s)t Coast? LOL! Seriously, that looks like our kind of weather. The sun appeared here yesterday so brilliantly and beautifully. It’s trying again today. Maybe by this afternoon. I hope it does the same out your way, soon.

  10. PLEASE send the rain our way. We’ve got fires all over the place. Some within miles of my parents’ house. I stopped wearing perfume because I end up smelling like smoke five minutes out the door. Bleh.

  11. We’ve been exceptionally gray and rainy here, but today looks to be sunny skies throughout! Yeah! I kind of like the rain, but I’m not accustomed to it sticking around for so long. But it has been fantastic to not need to water the garden or lawn!

  12. For a change it’s actually sunny and warm here. I think the weather gods must have things confused.
    So does May really disappear when she runs around in circles, or does she just think she disappears?

  13. Oh, that happened to me last week. I was wishing for rain and I got it, in bucket loads. I’m going to have to plan my wishing more carefully next time.

    Poor invisible May…

  14. God, we need rain so bad! I’m sick of this 90+ weather, and it’s only the 2nd day of it.

    Wow, that’s a really cool effect you got with May. Is that an eye? cool

  15. crap. it’s probably coming my way. Actually, please send it express mail, as I’d love a good excuse right now to curl up in bed all day long.

  16. You sound a little grey yourself. I hope everything’s OK.

    I’m sitting here watching Orville decide whether to jump up on the fridge. He has a simultaneously innocent and focused look.

  17. We could use of that rain up here in Ontario as well. BTW, thanks for mentioning my knitting book review list! And yes, I’m always up for recommendations. 😉

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